Binary Digit - Acid Drop (2017)

Binary Digit - Acid Drop (2017)

Artist: Binary Digit
Title: Acid Drop
Year Of Release: 2017
Label: Opal Tapes – OPAL110
Genre: Acid, Electro, Techno
Quality: Lossless (tracks)
Total Time: 33:56
Total Size: 165 mb

1. Drum Machine Makes Me (06:51)
2. Berriat Acid (05:34)
3. Compact 31 (05:48)
4. None Of This Is Helping (05:41)
5. Sensitive Acid Boy (06:18)
6. Ride With Jeff (03:44)

Exquisitely written and executed, hardware driven acid techno and electro recalling the 'smile until your face hurts' vibes of Analord era AFX and the perfect alien spheres of Dopplereffekt.

Opening track "Drum Machine Makes Me" blasts out the blocks all mad-scientist in the lab style with cheeseball effects smattering the stereo before the perfect plucking counterpoint rushes through to glue the track together with a little melancholy tech. "Berriat Acid" follows with action movie Linn drumming out high pace procedures to the troops... dumb smiles abound! "Compact 31" is all class, sci-fi electro from the warmest place.

The B-side open with "None Of This Is Helping", a truly rousing piece of dramatic trancey acid, replete with white hot 303 lines just blasting you off at 1000mph to some burning horizon. The track just keeps on growing and peeling more and more layers until it's disco core is revealed and left to vibrate. "Sensitive Acid Boy", does what it says on the tin... and then some. Beautifully raging melancholic acid like a prime cut of Analord un-history given a dose of adrenaline to the heart and told to keep on going, don't give up. Special stuff here. "Ride With Jeff" closes us out and again this vision of speed and movement is so accurately conjured by the French wiz, ZZ Top gone cyborg, too too dope. Keep on running.


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