Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. - Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. (2010)

Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. - Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. (2010)

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Artist: Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.
Title Of Album: Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.
Year Of Release: 2010-09-13
Genre: Indie Pop, Acoustic
Label: Cooking Vinyl
Quality: VBRkbit
Tracks: 11
Time: 42:39 min
Size: 57.48 mb
01. Hand Me Downs 2:56
02. Collapsing Cities (Feat. Shy Fx) 4:07
03. Nightlife 3:07
04. All Of This Is Yours (Feat. Baaba Maal) 4:50
05. Queen For A Day 3:42
06. All Falls Down 3:10
07. Where Will You Stand 4:06
08. Stitch By Stitch 6:35
09. The Uprising 3:46
10. The Plot 2:50
11. Morning Light 3:30
Release Notes:
Sam Duckworth, best known to the wider world as Get Cape. Wear Cape
Fly, has been keeping himself busy since the release of his last
record, 2008's Searching For The Hows And Whys. He's organised the
final gig at the London Astoria, performed at the G20 protests, debated
with Ken Livingstone and appeared on an episode of Hollyoaks. No,
really do a YouTube search and you'll find proof. Now comes a
self-titled third album
Oddly, given his recentl activities, it is an album less fired up by
anger with current affairs and more energised with life. Songs like
Queen For A Day and Morning Light takes the in-your-face attitude of
other 'man with a guitar' types like Frank Turner and gives it more of
a pop sheen, and to great effect. In contrast, the likes of Where Will
You Stand? and The Plot are more pensive and aligned with his early
beginnings, and opener Hand Me Downs features Duckworth attempting
higher vocal registers. Whilst not technically perfect, it is quite
charming in its earnestness
The word 'earnest' fits Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly like a glove, for
Duckworth is very much an artist who wears his heart on his sleeve
That might be for better or for worse depending on your viewpoint, but
the passion shines through The Uprising is, as you'd expect from a
song titled after a form of social movement, rousing, and one of the
strongest songs on the record, propelled forth by the sheer momentum of
emotion that runs through it
Even the collaborations feel genuine. On paper, the thought of a
collaboration with drum 'n' bass outfit Shy FX would be enough to cause
eyebrows to raise, but the end result on Collapsing Cities is nowhere
near as painful as might be expected. Baaba Maal is another guest star,
featuring on All Of This Is Yours and showcasing how much of an
influence Duckworth's experience on the Africa Express project was
The third album is usually seen as the one that defines an artist's
career but, wisely in this case, Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly is a smart
and well thought out progression in sound and, as a whole, flows
brilliantly. There is plenty of variation and it captures the solo
singer-songwriter at arguably his most playful. Duckworth is still just
24 years old and has plenty of time to develop things even further
He's made a charming record that will please fans and perhaps win over
those who weren't previously sold on his talents

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