Brujos Bowl - Wealth Is The Seed

Brujos Bowl - Wealth Is The Seed

Artist: Brujo's Bowl
Title: Wealth Is The Seed
Year Of Release: 19-06-2012
Label: Zenon Records
Genre: Psychedelic / Progressive
Quality: Mp3 / 320kbps
Total Time: 01:14:43 min
Total Size: 171 MB

1. Brujo's Bowl - Bottomless Pit 9:35
2. Smoke Sign - Mayan Blood (Brujo's Bowl 9:31
3. Brujo's Bowl - It Wasn't A Dream 9:24
4. Brujo's Bowl - Psychoactive 9:49
5. Brujo's Bowl - Wealth Is The Seed 8:54
6. Brujo's Bowl Feat Alice Hazel Thomas - 8:40
Earth Healer
7. Brujo's Bowl - Brujo's Bowl Of Porridge 8:56
8. Brujo's Bowl - Deep Transcendence 9:54

The Brujo takes us through a mind altering shift of the deep tribal beats of zenonesque. Enlightening us with the possibilities of genre fusion. Whilst we know that he is keen on the cross breeding of zenon progressive with psystep... He takes a new turn and displays a hidden approval of psybreaks. Churning up the vibes with a heavy kick and snare, but keeping to the organic progressive origins. The debut album of Brujo's bowl encourages change in not just the music. It's a provocative thought bath, suggesting images of change in the world.


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