Robin Beck - Trouble Or Nothing 20th Anniversary Edition (2009)

Robin Beck - Trouble Or Nothing 20th Anniversary Edition (2009)

  • Genre: Pop, Rock
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Artist: Robin Beck
Title Of Album: Trouble Or Nothing [20th Anniversary Edition]
Year Of Release: Feb 6, 2009
Label: HMMR
Genre: Rock / Female Vocalists / Pop
Quality: MP3 / Joint Stereo / 44100
Bitrate: VBR Avg. 222 Kbps
Total Time: 56:19 Min
Total Size: 90,36 MB
01.Hide Your Heart 04:03
02.Don't Lose Any Sleep 04:11
03.If You Were A Woman and I Was A Man 04:04
04.Hold Back the Night 03:43
05.Save Up All Your Tears 04:04
06.In A Crazy World Like this 03:55
07.Tears in the Rain 04:46
08.A Heart for You 04:18
09.Sleeping with the Enemy 03:36
10.First Time 03:16
11.Love is Divine 04:34
12.Lost Summer Days 03:42
13.Superstar 04:05
14.Changed for Good 04:02
Songs 1-10 have been re-recorded and mastered in 2008.
Songs 11-14 are additional tracks, not on the original album.

This is a funny little version of this CLASSIC album. You see the original Trouble or Nothing album, which contained such smashing hits as the Coca Cola jungle inspired - mega ballad "First Time", the Kiss standard "Hide your heart", the highly succesful and memorable "Don't Loose any Sleep", "If You were a woman and I Was a man", "Sleeping with the enemy", "Tears in the rain" the also sung by Cher "Save Up all your tears" and so on and so forth.... has been out of print and unavailable for a long long time. Plans to re-release it, always were thawed by the head honcho's @ the multinationals, who demanded riddiculous amounts of $$ to allow it's re-release that made it's re-release unfeasible. At the same time they would not re-release it themselves either.... hmm... sounds like a fine mess...doesn't it ?! So as soon as the publishing rights were returned, to her Robin did the second best thing she could, which was to re-record the whole album, with hubby James Christian and a host of other musicians, including a new cover and 4 new songs.... as a 20th anniversary edition.
There are good and bad sides to that. Firstly, this classic album is legally and physically avail again and that's great. Robin still looks pretty much a knockout and she sounds pretty damn good too, given that 20 years will roughen up your voice a little, no matter what. She manages to re-sing these songs well, and while some of the agility of her voice seems to be gone, the range is still there, and the delivery is equally mature and strong. So no qualms about that. One slightly not so endearing fact is that the original T.O.N was done in a huge studio, with certainly a much larger budget, a list of top session musicians that read almost the length of a page and so on, so the instrumental side of things while true to the original, is not as brilliant or "big sounding".... this makes the album a little rockier and organic/down to earth, but also steals some of the aural briliance of the original songs. However, this is not such a condemning factor, as the quality of the songwriting is such that even if they were recorded on a 4 track, in one take you could still tell they're all masterpieces !!!
Everything is pretty much as you remember it and if you 're a younger fan, that has never heard this, well prepare for a bombardment of huge rock songs with a poppy attitude and divine female - non operatic vocals...that all have TOP 10 written over them ! There are a few slight changes to "If you were a woman..." but nothing too dramatic... and man - I know that "In a crazy world like this..." will still give me chills when I 'll hear it ... maybe now even more than before .....
"First time" still sounds like the very "first time".... and reminds me of the first heartache (sigh).... oh man....
As far as the 4 new songs they are all Beck/Denander penned with Kent co-credited for "Superstar, maybe because it sounds a little like "Sleeping with the enemy". Other than that "Love is Divine" is ok - but lyrically borders on camp(.... those verses could do with some refinement.... the almost brilliant chorus kinda saves it...though...) & "Summer Days" which has a "Hold back the Night" like chorus, and could have been a little more original...."Changed for good" also mimics "In a crazy world like this" in places... but is less derivative. None of the 4 songs is bad as per ce, but they pale in comparison with the originals and also sound quite like them in, while they are added value, they're nothing sort of amazing... The pick of the bunch 'd be "Superstar" for me.
Overall, this is a re-made Classic, but it's still a classic !!!
I Treasure this gem that Robin gave us back then ... maybe now even more than before ..... Long live her majesty the Queen and may more music flow out of her music room soon !
enjoy :)

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