Rene Liu 刘若英 - I Wish You Well (2015)

Rene Liu 刘若英 - I Wish You Well (2015)

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Artist: Rene Liu [刘若英]
Title: I Wish You Well (我要你好好的)
Year Of Release: 2015
Genre: Chinese Pop, Mandopop
Quality: MP3 320 kbps
Total Time: 00:41:15 min
Total Size: 102 mb

After releasing the album “Dear Stranger”(親愛的路人)in 2013, Rene Liu(劉若英), also known as “Milktea”(奶茶), is finally releasing her 14th album “Wish You Well”(我要你好好的)on Sep 22nd.
The first single “Understood”(我懂了)is written and composed by Milktea’s fan Achau(阿超). Achau wrote the song when he was 30, recording his confusion, growth and courage at that time. These emotions all meet perfectly with what Milktea has been through now. Being a singer for over 20 years, Milktea has already released 13 albums. She often asks herself “Should I continue singing? What will I be singing for?” In this album, Milktea goes back to the original “honesty”, facing the audience with her true self in the first single.
The song “Understood” is composed of the voice of the singer and the music coming from a piano and cello and it is revised for 20 times. Rene Liu expresses the song with her stories from the past till now and her unique intellectuality and emotions. Even the producer Ma Yufen(馬毓芬)dissolved in tears after hearing the song. Do you also start to realize something as well after hearing the song?
01 我懂了 | Wo Dong Le
02 相看两不厌 | Xiang Kan Liang Bu Yan
03 写信回家 | Xie Xin Hui Jia
04 我要你好好的 (feat. 周迅/桂綸鎂/湯唯) | Wo Yao Ni Hao Hao De (feat. Zhou Xun/Gwei Lun Mei/Tang Wei)
05 我敢在你怀里孤独 | Wo Gan Zai Ni Huai Li Gu Du
06 陪伴者 | Pei Ban Zhe
07 十年后 | Shi Nian Hou
08 一路走下去 | Yi Lu Zou Xia Gu
09 在宇宙流浪 | Zai Yu Zhou Liu Lang
10 念念 | Nian Nian
11 岁月静好 | Sui Yue Jing Hao

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