Peter Bjorn and John - Discography (2002-2011) Lossless

Peter Bjorn and John - Discography (2002-2011) Lossless

Artist: Peter Bjorn and John
Title Of Album: Discography
Year Of Release: 2002-2011
Label: Wichita / Cooking Vinyl
Genre: Indie, Alternative, Indie Pop, Indie Rock
Quality: FLAC
Total Size: 1,75 GB
Peter, Bjorn and John are an indie rock band formed in Sweden in 1999. The band are Peter Morén on guitar and harmonica; Björn Yttling on bass and keyboards; and John Eriksson on drums and percussion. All the band sing.
Peter and Björn's shared interest in music brought them together at High School. They were joined by John when they moved to Stockholm in 1999 and the band was formed. They released their self-titled debut album in 2002, followed by Falling Out, released in 2005. The bands' 2006 release Writers Block, featured the track "Young Folks", with vocal contributions from Victoria Bergsman from fellow indie rockers The Concretes. The track went on to win the Swedish Grammi for Best Video in 2007.

1 I Don't Know What I Want Us To Do (3:25)
2 Failing And Passing (3:54)
3 People They Know (3:33)
4 A Mutual Misunderstanding (2:49)
5 From Now On (5:45)
6 Matchmaker (2:28)
7 Collect. Select. Reflect (3:30)
8 100 M Of Hurdle (2:56)
9 Education Circle (3:15)
10 Please. Go Home (2:25)
Following the recent success of Peter Bjorn And John's third album, Writer's Block and especially the track, ''Young Folks'', Peter Moren's duet with Victoria from the Concretes, we are now treated to the release of the Swedish trio's early work. This is their zingy and springy 2002 debut, bolstered by b-sides and additional material.
Recorded at bassist Bjorn Yttling's apartment in Stockholm, it's crammed with well-written songs that feel both nostalgic and strangely of the moment. Beatles and Elvis Costello comparisons abounded on its Swedish release; at least 33% of the group (drummer and multi-instrumentalist John Eriksson) had never even heard either of them. Whatever, this is sparkling, if occasionally flawed, pop.
The two-minute fury of 'Matchmaker' is a blast; 'A Mutual Misunderstanding' has dappled echoes of Squeeze; the open guitar tunings on 'Collect, Select, Reflect' create great warmth. However, these are trailers for the stand-out ballad 'From Now On'. From its downbeat piano opening, it expands into a spaghetti western symphony - crammed with stunning ambition despite its technical limitations.
As Moren states on the sleeve, "this is a child's steps, charming, but stumbling." It's as if Elvis Costello had stayed on F-Beat or XTC stuck at Black Sea sprinkled with a little Neil Finn magic. However, despite its numerous lovely touches, it's rather like a well-made gateau; perfect at the right time of the day, but too much will make you queasy and spotty. But then again, I love gateau. --Daryl Easlea

01. Peter Bjorn and John - Far Away, By My Side (03:21)
02. Peter Bjorn and John - Money (04:02)
03. Peter Bjorn and John - It Beats Me Every Time (03:37)
04. Peter Bjorn and John - Does It Matter Now? (04:33)
05. Peter Bjorn and John - Big Black Coffin (06:30)
06. Peter Bjorn and John - Start Making Sense (02:14)
07. Peter Bjorn and John - Teen Love (03:36)
08. Peter Bjorn and John - All Those Expectations (04:52)
09. Peter Bjorn and John - Tailormade (05:35)
10. Peter Bjorn and John - Goodbye, Again Or (02:01)
11. Peter Bjorn and John - (I Just Wanna) See Through (02:48)
12. Peter Bjorn and John - The Trap's My Trip (05:11)
13. Peter Bjorn and John - Punks Jump Up (01:10)
14. Peter Bjorn and John - Unreleased Backgrounds (06:45)
15. Peter Bjorn and John - Fortune Favours Only the Brave (03:18)
The North American debut for Stockholm, Sweden trio Peter Bjorn And John, on Hidden Agenda Records. Falling Out is a assemblage of ingenious pop songs, cleverly recorded and masterfully arranged, sounds drawn from the simple (the Speak & Spell talking toy that opens the album) to the symphonic (tidy string arrangements). Think early Squeeze and The Jam and several decades worth of British Invasion, Canadian popsmiths A.C. Newman and Joel Plaskett, and the euphoric rush of The Shins. 10 songs about falling in and Falling Out of love with people, places, and ideas. Includes the Swedish singles "It Beats Me Every Time" and "Teen Love" (a Concretes cover) and the standout album opener "Far Away, By My Side".
Songwriters Peter Moren and Bjorn Yttling (producer/arranger for Concretes, Shout Out Louds, Nicolai Dunger, among others) have been writing songs together since their teens but it wasn't until hooking up with drummer John Eriksson in 1999 that the collaboration bore fruit. Since then the band has released four singles, three EPs, and two full-length albums (Falling Out being their second), and performed live hundreds of times.

1.Writer's Block
2.Objects of My Affection
3.Young Folks
5.Start to Melt
6.Up Against the Wall
7.Paris 2004
8.Let's Call It Off
9.The Chills
10.Roll the Credits
11.Poor Cow
12.Ancient Curse [-]
13.All Those Expectations [Weak Remix]
14.Let's Call It Off [Girl Talk Remix]
This Swedish trio (Peter Moren, Bjorn Yttling and John Eriksson) who mix the sounds of classic '60s Baroque Pop, Power Pop and New Wave, creating and exciting and original sound. Fans of Sahara Hot Nights, The Concretes, Badly Drawn Boy and The Shout-Out-Louds and Swedish Pop music in general should seek this out immediately! 'The songs are Great' New York Times, Young folks is the coolest song ever to appear on Grey's Anatomy' Rolling Stone. US only edition includes a bonus disc of rarities!

01 Inland Empire---(4:22)
02 Say Something (Mukiya)---(3:17)
03 Favour of the Season---(3:18)
04 Next Stop Bjursele---(4:00)
05 School of Kraut---(2:55)
06 Erik's Fishing Trip---(3:56)
07 Needles and Pills---(5:10)
08 Norrlands Riviera---(4:53)
09 Barcelona---(5:21)
10 At the Seaside---(3:30)
Seaside Rock is fourth album by Peter Bjorn and John. A vinyl- and digital- only release, it will come out in the U.S. on Almost Gold/Star Time International on September 23. The U.S. edition is limited to 5000 LPs, each accompanied by a download code. (V2 will release the album in the trio's native Sweden, while Wichita will handle it in the UK.)
It turns out that Seaside Rock isn't a completely instrumental album after all. According to a press release written by PB&J themselves, "As homage to Peter Bjorn and John's respective hometowns they wanted to feature the voice and dialect from each of the three areas. So apart from the instrumental soundtrack to the lonely childhood of northern Scandinavia you can also hear three monologues about some sort of seaside. The stories are read by a real saxophone player from Norsjö, a grandfather from Vika and the hairdresser Siw from Piteå."
The album was recorded in spring 2007 at the same studio in Sweden where Abba recorded most of their material. Its sound was inspired by "the memory of the sound of the Swedish music school orchestras from hell," according to PB&J's press release.

01. The feeling 3:07
02. It Don't Move Me 3:22
03. Just The Past 5:12
04. Nothing To Worry About 2:58
05. I'm Losing My Mind 3:44
06. Living Thing 4:39
07. I Want You 3:39
08. Lay It Down 3:28
09. Stay This Way 4:21
10. Blue Period Picasso 4:36
11. 4 Out Of 5 4:08
12. Last Night 4:02
Peter Bjorn and John are the Swedish trio that released a certain single called “Young Folks” in 2006, the one with the inimitable whistling intro and shuffling drums and the huge chorus which was so clever and tongue in cheek but at the same time so simple, personal and direct and universal that it won over listeners across the world, got covered by the varied likes of Nena and Kanye West, and even showed up on the zeitgeist-defining Gossip Girl. The accompanying album, Writer’s Block, was a heart melting collection of 11 perfectly formed pop classics which went on to become an indie hit. What you may not have heard is their more experimental side. As befitting a band comprising a “hardcore fusion” obsessive (John) and jazz-pianist (Bjorn) in their ranks, there has always been a wilder, more playful undertow bubbling away just beneath the shiny pop surface. Just look at Seaside Rock, their limited edition, low-key 2008 release which was pretty much the polar opposite of Writer’s Block: mostly instrumental, and filled with beautiful, sparse elegies to their isolated childhoods. Which brings us neatly to Living Thing, their follow up to Writer’s Block proper. There was always going to be chatter as to how Peter Bjorn and John would follow up a pop phenomenon. Would they try to replicate their earlier success? Or go out of their way to release a wilfully difficult new album? In actual fact, what they have done is a bit of both – and neither--all at the same time. Bolstered by the band’s production, the first taster of the album, “Lay it Down”, which snuck out onto the blogosphere at the end of 2008, was a delightfully off-kilter riposte, a jaunty flying-V in the faces of people who thought they’d had the band all figured out, with a harsh, treated vocal lifelessly intoning the threatening refrain before abruptly giving way to an anthemic, full-bodied singalong, the sort which will send the masses scurrying to any self-respecting dancefloor on a Saturday night. The rest of the album walks a similar tightrope of melody and mayhem. Living Thing pulses with life, it is bursting at the seams with energy and vitality, and shot through with warmth and excitement and wonder.

01. Tomorrow Has To Wait (2:58)
02. Dig A Little Deeper (3:50)
03. Second Chance (4:13)
04. Eyes (2:53)
05. Breaker Breaker (1:39)
06. May Seem Macabre (4:42)
07. (Don't Let Them) Cool Off (2:48)
08. Black Book (1:36)
09. Down Like Me (3:50)
10. Lies (3:11)
11. I Know You Don't Love Me (5:38)
Chances are if you happen to have a Peter Bjorn and John single on your iTunes it's 2006's Young Folks, a deliriously catchy, Victoria Bergsman-assisted indie anthem with added whistling solo. It was the moment the three titular Swedes (Peter Morén, Björn Yttling and John Eriksson) announced themselves to the mainstream (the song now appears in a Homebase advert). As quickly as they seemed to arrive, however, they were gone, with 2009's Living Thing album befuddled by an over reliance on early 80s drum machines and a general sense of melancholia.
Gimme Some, their first album to employ a producer in the shape of Per Sunding (The Wannadies, The Cardigans), brings back not only the guitars, but also a sense of fun that was missing from Living Thing. There's still a lot of heartache – the album's closer I Know You Don't Love Me makes that pretty plain – but on tracks like the vibrant, percussive Dig a Little Deeper and the breakneck garage pop of Breaker Breaker, they sound revitalised.
The key to Gimme Some's success is the art of keeping things simple. Melodically it's more direct, with sparkly guitar riffs (the yearning Eyes) and big, unabashed pop choruses (Second Chance, the early U2 stylings of May Seem Macabre). Throughout there are cute little production twists – the cowbell that pops up on Second Chance, the strange 'pings' that pepper Black Book, the way Dig a Little Deeper opens with a similar drum fill to Young Folks before a brilliantly off-kilter guitar riff emerges, complete with cooing "oh oh" harmonies. Whilst the lyrics still deal with broken hearts and scorned exes, the songs themselves rarely collapse under the weight of it all.
There are exceptions. Down Like Me is a slog, all chugging guitars and a chorus of "no-one brings me down like me" moping. It's not helped that it's then followed by Lies, a kind of garage-by-numbers love song that could soundtrack a fairly awful teen rom-com ("And I always did believe that you and me would always be, but now I ruined all").
Whilst Gimme More doesn't feature anything as catchy as Young Folks (few albums do, let's be honest), it's got a handful of tracks that will work brilliantly in a sun-dappled field come festival season. They seem to have stopped trying to subvert their pop nous and accept what they do best, and for the most part it works a treat.

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