Tara MacLean – Passenger (2000)

Tara MacLean – Passenger (2000)

Artist: Tara MacLean
Title: Passenger
Year Of Release: 2000
Label: Nettwerk
Genre: Indie Pop, Folk Pop, Downtempo
Quality: Flac (tracks
Total Time: 54:30
Total Size: 346 Mb

01. Tara MacLean – Jericho (3:34)
02. Tara MacLean – Divided (4:40)
03. Tara MacLean – If I Fall (4:09)
04. Tara MacLean – Reach (4:55)
05. Tara MacLean – Dry Land (3:29)
06. Tara MacLean – Jordan (5:22)
07. Tara MacLean – Passenger (4:00)
08. Tara MacLean – Settling (4:06)
09. Tara MacLean – Poor Boy (3:55)
10. Tara MacLean – La Temp괥 (3:51)
11. Tara MacLean – Blinded (3:08)
12. Tara MacLean – Higher (5:07)
13. Tara MacLean – Shakota (4:15)
MacLean is another in the vein of delicate young things with sweet voices who seem to wander out into that Kate Bush-Tori Amos-Sarah McLachlan corner of the universe from time to time. MacLean, for her part, uses co-writer and producer Bill Bell to support her feathery lyrics with muscular music, prompting her, in turn, to respond by going from voices of air to a belting cosmic enchantress style that propels the songs out of the more ordinary territory they might otherwise inhabit. This is the kind of stuff that easily pulls a listener in, and keeps them present, even though their focus may be somewhat off -- voice and instrumentation function as a whole, malleable unit. Both MacLean and Bell take chances with their work here, and it pays off handsomely.

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