Krautrock Meeting 2005 (Video) 2 DVD + MP3

Krautrock Meeting 2005 (Video) 2 DVD + MP3

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Artist: Various Artists
Title Of Album: Krautrock Meeting 2005
Year Of Release: 2005
Label: SPV 563-78157
Genre: Krautrock
Source: DVD9 + DVD5 + MP3 Rip
Format: 2x TS Folder All Regions / 320 kBit mp3
Quality: Ratio 4:3 / Dolby Surround / Stereo
Language: German | English Subtitles
Total Size: 6.5 GB | 4.0 GB | 242 MB
Total Time: 217 min.
01 Living In The Woods
02 Izmiz
03 Kleines Pyjama
04 Moshi Moshi
05 Der Elektrolurch
Mani Neumeier - drums, vocals, percussion
Roland Schaeffer - guitar, vocals, sax, nadaswaram
Luigi Archetti - guitar, vocals
Peter Kühnstedt - bass, vocals
06 Burning Fire
07 Rock'n'Roll Testament
08 In The Midnight
09 Queen Of The Night
10 Keep It Together
Joey Albrecht - vocals, guitar
Chris Rodriguez - bass, backing vocals
Ingo Bischof - keyboards, backing vocals
Rolo Rodriguez - drums, backing vocals
Tommy Goldschmidt - percussion, backing vocals
Peter Panka's JANE:
11 Daytime
12 Medley: Windows -Spain
13 Out In The Rain
Peter Panka - drums, vocals
Werner Nadolny - keyboards, backing vocals
Charly Maucher - bass, vocals
Klaus Walz - guitar, backing vocals
14 Woman
15 Big City
16 Fresh Air
17 Reflections
18 Tequila Shuffle
Cliff Jackson - guitar, vocals
Bernd Kolbe - bass, vocals
Heinz Glass - guitar, backing vocals
Achim Wielert-Poret - drums, percussion, backing vocals
Special Guest on Going To Chicago - Klaus Walz – Guitar
19 Archangels Thunderbird
20 Green Bubble Raincoated Man
21 Deutsch Nepal
22 Speed Inside My Shoes
23 All The Years 'Round
24 Kanaan
Chris Karrer - violin, guitar, vocals
Lothar Meid - bass, vocals
Renate Knaup-Krötenschwanz - vocals
Jan Kahlert - drums, percussion, vocals
Peter Leopold - drums
John Weinzierl – guitar
25 Just Before The Sun Will Rise
26 Back From Hell
27 Gamma Ray
Bernd Noske - vocals, drums
Hannes Vesper - bass, backing vocals
Sascha Kühn - keyboards
Peter Engelhardt - guitar, backing vocals
Special Guest on Back From Hell und She's Got Nothing On You - Peter Föller - Vocals
Recorded on December 21–23, 2004, in Bonn, Germany, for the TV-Show "Rockpalast"
The 2 DVD set also contains bonus interviews with various band members and biographies of Karthago, Guru Guru, Peter Panka’s Jane, Epitaph, Amon Düül II and Birth Control. Running time is over 217 min. with PCM Stereo and Dolby Digital 5.1 sound, German, subtitled in English.
Fans will surely enjoy this concert, although the review on Amazon is not very favorable.
Review from Amazon:
I was a bit disappointed overall in this double DVD. I think that perhaps I was deluded to believe that I would NOT be let down. Just to set the record straight, only TWO of these bands, perhaps three, were really what people call KRAUTROCK. (Amon Duul, Guru Guru, and maybe Birth Control.) Nevertheless, I was excited to see what these bands looked like playing live, how they would sound, etc. Naturally, they are pretty old. Amon Duul were past their prime by 1974, so add another 30 years onto them, and you have German versions of Keith Richards. Nobody is an embarrasment, or unprofessional. But if you think these AMON DUUL II has the energy to play an 18 minute jam from TANZ DER LEMMINGS, forget about it. GURU GURU was great...Mani is a nutcase. I completely enjoyed them. Again, no 20 minute jams like THE LSD MARCH, but they were into some great middle eastern/world music grooves, which is one of the defining traits of REAL Krautrock to me. As for the rest of the bands, well... JANE was more or less a generic sounding hard rock band back when they were popular. Now, its hard to say what they are. It wasnt interesting, unless perhaps JANE were a favorite band of yours to begin with. BIRTH CONTROL were pretty good. This is a band I only like a little bit, maybe a couple of albums from the early 70s. And BIRTH CONTROLL are not Krautrock, as much as rock in the vein of "Uriah Heep" or perhaps "Deep Purple". ITs hard to see these bands, with only 2-3 original members, and younger hacks filling in the old band seats, reproducing a couple of their signiture numbers without any real passion or interest. Those other bands, were very small potatos back then, and now, they barely hold the interest of the audience in attendance. EPITAPH? I think they were mostly British. KARTHAGO? I have an album by them, but its like basic hard rock from the 70s. I watched the DVDs all the way thru once, but only really got into the AMON DUUL--GURU GURU--BIRTH CONTROL parts of it. I love Krautrock, but I just dont think that much of this concert catches the vibe. Still, when you have NO CHANCE of ever seeing these bands, then this is your only oppotunity. If you want a REAL Krautrock experience, buy the CAN DVD, or the new KRAFTWERK DVD. (Both are amazing.)
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