Milieu - Polypsilon- Part 1 (2014)

Milieu - Polypsilon- Part 1 (2014)

Artist: Milieu
Title Of Album: Polypsilon- Part 1
Year Of Release: 30 jan 2014
Label: Recycled Plastics / RPC1-A
Genre: Techno, Electro, IDM, Electronic
Quality: MP3
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Total Time: 00:55:56
Total Size: 128 mb
1.Prepsilon 00:15
2.Polypsilon I 03:59
3.P-Q 05:19
4.Polypsilon II 04:04
5.Polite Trams 00:11
6.Polyglide 06:27
7.Pinup Salon 03:54
8.Polypsilon III 04:59
9.Polyp 00:13
10.P-291733 02:30
11.P.O.L.Y.F.N.K. 04:55
12.Playtime 01:48
13.Polypse 05:43
14.Polypsilon IV 06:57
15.Polypsilol 00:24
16.Polypsilon V 04:10
Polypsilon, Part 1 is - as the title implies - the first half of two separate 60-minute cassette releases, and the first tape released at RP!
As a Milieu album, Polypsilon is possibly the most "genre music" type thing Milieu has done, filled with all the staples of feel-good braindance as well as my first foray into acid. The recording sessions were impulsive and tangential, and by the end, there was far more material than I was expecting to make, giving way to this two-part release.
It's probably a spiritual follow-up to Academy Stripes, although it should be noted that Polypsilon was intended to be a sidetrack thing, and not "the next big new Milieu record", so I guess consider it as a gigantic 2 hour EP.
I can't really think about how to describe it, so I'll leave you with the music. There's lots of 606/707/808 drum machine action, as well as my usual soft spot for a couple breaks and my Korg ER-1, and the synths used include my Roland SH-32, Casio PSS-50 and MT-210, the wonderful Fahtacon softsynth made by my friend Robin and of course the Milieu go-to Lowrey Magic Genie organ, among other things. Everything was meant to be loose, sporadic, playful and tingly on the earlobes, so hopefully that comes through in the final result.
320 kbps

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