Marcia Guderian - Its About ... Time (2015)

Marcia Guderian - Its About ... Time (2015)

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Artist: Marcia Guderian
Title Of Album: It's About ... Time
Year Of Release: 2015
Genre: Folk/Jazz
Label: Entendre
Quality: MP3 320 kbps
Total Time: 48:02
Total Size: 111 MB
1. City Blues (3:39)
2. For A While (3:52)
3. Mr Benefactor (3:21)
4. It's Not Quite Right (4:20)
5. View From The Middle (2:53)
6. Time Such A Time (3:46)
7. You Ain't Got Room To Talk (2:52)
8. Gentle And Bright (3:19)
9. It's Easy (3:18)
10. They Just Want Your Money (3:16)
11. Knowing All Along (2:48)
12. Me And The Blues (4:53)
13. The Devil Owns The Oil (3:56)
14. Contradiction (1:42)
A charming, sincere, performer and an insightful, prolific songwriter, this is Marcia' fourth CD of her own music.
Her sensitive and finely crafted lyrics cover a range of topics from romance to political commentary. The musical styles encompass a variety of folk-jazz, blues, soft-rock, and easy-listening.
Marcia's lovely vocals are backed up instrumentally by other talented, NW Washington musicians including Gary Breitenbucher, Johnny Brewer, Fat James Grosvenor, Frank Jackson, David Jennings, Lonnie Knechtel, Guy Mulford, Ranger Kidwell Ross and Neil Sorenson. She also covers a lot of the instrumentation herself on guitar, bass, keyboard and glass.
One song on the album, "For A While", is a memory tribute to the talented Guy Mulford. His lovely violin solo was recorded before his death which occurred near the turn in millennium, but the recording had been tabled and was never finished - until now. Fortunately the original reel-to-reel recording was re-discovered in time to save it.
Murphy's law and time conflicts caused the making of this album to take over six years. (Mentally replace the three dots in the title with an adjective...)
The songs and additional performers:
City Blues 3:42 (upbeat, soft-rock/R&B, impressions in the City)
electric guitar - Johnny Brewer
sax - Lonnie Knechtel
bass - Neil Sorenson
drums - Gary Breitenbucher
For Awhile 3:56 (soft easy folk-jazz)
violin - Guy Mulford
Mr. Benefactor 3:25 (upbeat jazzy acoustic blues)
electric guitar - Fat James
drums - Ranger Kidwell Ross
It's Not Quite Right 4:24 (upbeat folk-jazz lament)
View From The Middle 2:58 (bluesy social/political commentary)
electric guitar - Fat James
drums - Ranger Kidwell Ross
Time Such A Time 3:50 (jazzy, relentless, impressionistic)
You Ain't Got Room to Talk 2:56 (Bluesy, R&B, shove-off tune)
electric guitar - Johnny Brewer
bass - Neil Sorenson
drums - Gary Breitenbucher
Gentle and Bright 3:42 (acoustic folk-classical ballad in 3/4 time)
keyboard - David Jennings
It's Easy 3:22 (upbeat folk-jazz love song)
recorder - Frank Jackson
They Just Want Your Money 3:19 (Two beat political commentary)
sax - Lonnie Knechtel
voices - David Jennings
drums - Ranger Kidwell Ross
Knowing All Along 2:52 (easy-folk lament)
keyboards - David Jennings
Me and the Blues 4:56 (major/minor blues)
electric lead guitar - Johnny Brewer
bass - Neil Sorenson
drums - Gary Breitenbucher
The Devil Owns The Oil 4:01 (a little bit "over-the-top"- political commentary)
organ, harpsichord and sound effects - David Jennings
Contradiction 1:45 (very folk - political commentary)
extra "crowd" voices by:
Andy Koch, Susan Scanga, Randy Mitchell, Michael Latimer

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