Bhundu Boys – Friends On The Road (1992)

Bhundu Boys – Friends On The Road (1992)

Artist: Bhundu Boys
Title Of Album: Friends On The Road
Year Of Release: 1992
Label: Intuition INT 31223 2
Genre: Jit Jive · Country
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Bitrate: VBR 0 | 16Bit/44kHz
Total Size: 85 MB | 337 MB
Total Time: 49:49
01. Radio Africa (with Latin Quarter) 04:06
02. Pombi 05:11
03. Ring of Fire (with Hank Wangford) 03:38
04. Gonzo Nachin’al 05:00
05. Bitter To The South (with Latin Quarter) 04:09
06. Foolish Harp/ Waerera 05:25
07. Anna 04:44
08. Church On Fire (with Latin Quarter) 04:05
09. Don’t Forget Africa 03:15
10. Anyway (with Hank Wangford) 03:46
11. My Best Friend 02:57
12. Lizzie (with Hank Wangford) 03:38
Rise Kagona: guitar, percussion, vocals
Shakespear Kangwena: guitar, keyboards, vocals
Washington Kavhai: bass, percussion, vocals
Kenny Chitsvatsva: drums, percussion, vocals
Guest musicians:
Hank Wangford: guitar, vocals
Savourna Stevenson: harp
Richard Wright: guitar, keyboard, vocals
Gordon Muir: penny whistle
Kevin Robinson, Colin Graham: trumpet
Fayez Virji: trombone
Ray Carless: saxophone
Martin Belmont, David Mankaba, Standrick Zaranyika, Sheperd Munyama, Greg Harwood, Steve Greatham: bass
The CD features collaborations with various other musicians from 1990–92 in quite varying styles. Royalties from "Radio Africa" and "Don't forget Africa", both recorded with the London band "Radio Africa", were forwarded to aid organisations in southern Africa. Some of the tracks are cover versions of Country songs, like Ring Of Fire, in teamwork with Hank Wangford. Also on Africa's west coast many US Country stars were very popular and influenced the local music scene, leading to sounds quite surprising for our ears.
Review from RateYourMusic:
… One of the bands which John Peel loved (and, to add to the tragedy in this review, are now disbanded because three of their number died from AIDS and lead singer Biggie Tembo hanged himself in 1995 after a spell in psychiatric hospital) were the Bhundu Boys from Zimbabwe. After seeing them live in concert, Peel described them as the closest thing to perfection that he had heard in music. That is one Hell of a compliment, and so I decided to break from my traditional listening habits which revolved around "white boys with guitars" (another thing Peel hated was the dominance of these "white boys" in his Festive 50) and track down one of their records. Any record would do. But I had virtually no joy. Even my local African record shop at the end of my road (yes there is one in inner city Birmingham, called Jibbering Records) didn't stock anything by the group but they ordered this from them and finally, a couple of months later, Friends On The Road arrived. … Friends on the Road has some collaborations with white, Western artists (white boys with guitars), one of whom sounds like Billy Bragg, and it includes a cover of Johnny Cash's Ring Of Fire and I began to wish that I'd ordered a record that was all African, if you like. But the familiar African rhythms permeate the release, and there is something about it that deliveres a ray of sunshine, even during the dead of night in a cold Birmingham bedsit like mine. There is celebration and jubilation in their music, even though lyrically, the Bhundu Boys were addressing the plight of their people in the struggle against trade oppression, famine and disease.
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