3Plusss - Mehr Kindskopf Edition (2014)

3Plusss - Mehr Kindskopf Edition (2014)

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Artist: 3Plusss
Title Of Album: Mehr (Kindskopf Edition)
Year Of Release: 2014
Label: Selbstgebrannt
Genre: Hip-Hop
Quality: AAC 256 Kbps
Total Time: 78:05 min
Total Size: 153 MB
01. 1 Bus
02. Ich habe Hip Hop nicht verstanden
03. Erstmal
04. Langweiltmich
05. 3Käsehoch
06. Ehrlich
07. Bier allein
08. Sicher (feat. Chefket)
09. Kopf
10. Ein Lied, das ich an meinem Geburtstag geschrieben habe
11. Bis jetzt
12. Ab jetzt
13. Ich glaube, ich bin
14. Kreatief
15. Sorry, ich bin doof
16. Kindskopf (Neue Version)
17. Ich komme mit der Welt nicht klar
18. Boah Ey! (feat. Sorgenkind)
19. Wenn du ein Wal bist (Skit)
20. Nase
21. Hallo Frauenwelt, Pt. X
22. Maskulin Maskulin (feat. Zugezogen Maskulin & Donetasy)
23. Selbstdiagnose
24. Krrrank
25. Kevin
26. 31
As aptly chosen the album title " MORE " , is reflected in its definition. Thus the word qua Germanic origin refers to the physical growth or adulthood . In the case of 3plusss : growth as a person and artist. Sure, there is also the arm circumference (keyword " physical growth " ) , must be for the purchase of one or the other Banger aid of shady businessmen. With appearances Denis (only one " n" Please! Yes ) but not really holding on ! A synonym for growth is the emancipation . Emancipation from a video Battle Tournament from its shadow step out not everyone succeeds ; emancipation from early childhood manifested outsider ; emancipation of one-dimensional rhymes or rudimentary recording processes. Also the partial move from Essen to Berlin plays with pure, smoldering here but the opening of the creative horizon. This above all on the part of potential collaborations and by the energy of rap capital that continually motivates a rapper to new bests . 3Plusss is exactly where he wants to be. He recognizes his voice as an opportunity rather than a cartoon -like curiosity. By working together with producer Nobody's Face ( Green Berlin / Marteria ) it matures , especially in terms of complexity of creative work processes. Hunger: In the discovery phase, the album title is another more appropriate term fell . Since 3plusss prepubertal stumbled over Eminem and Kool Savas and still a firm grasp of their early works can mitrappen , he developed this hunger to spitten itself, although at first only in the form of text Battles in the known forums. A flashback later attracts the cooperation with Hood Homie Pierre aka donetasy as mescaline Masculine well past us , as the semi-finals in the 2011 VBT against Weekend and the " child head" LP . The hunger for the largest possible stages that can be Denis ' energy corresponding to room to develop , he could in the summer festivals , among others breastfeeding on the side of Marteria . If " MORE " from the O.A. Reasons is the perfect album title, then hunger is equally suitable Subtitle .

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