Metroland ‎– Triadic Ballet (2015)

Metroland ‎– Triadic Ballet (2015)

Artist: Metroland
Title Of Album: Triadic Ballet
Year Of Release: 2015
Label: Alfa Matrix
Genre: Electronic, Indie, New Wave , Synth Pop
Format: Mp3
Quality: V0 VBR
Total Time: 172:09 Min
Total Size: 338 Mb
CD 1: Unity
1. Design (Unity)
2. Design (Hierarchy)
3. Design (Variety)
4. 3 Directors
5. Ikone Der Moderne
6. Zeppelin
7. Machines Gone Mad
8. Triadic Ballet
9. Art + Technology
10. Struktur
11. Les Trois Couleurs
12. The Manifesto
13. Utopia
CD 2: Hierarchy
1. Design (Fotonovela's R2d2 Loves C3po Remix)
2. 3 Directors (Threshold Mix)
3. Ikone Der Moderne (Deutsche Bank Remix)
4. Zeppelin (Nattefrost Remix)
5. Machines Gone Mad (Lifelong Corporation Remix)
6. Triadic Ballet (Commuter Remix)
7. Art + Technology (Musicocoon Remix)
8. Struktur (My.Cosmo Remix)
9. Les Trois Couleurs (Playboy's Bend Remix)
10. The Manifesto (The Rorschach Garden Analog Mix)
11. Utopia (Johan Breton's Journey Through Utopia)
CD 3: Variety
1. Design (Absolute Body Control Remix)
2. 3 Directors (Oberkampf's 80's Mix)
3. Ikone Der Moderne (Systematic Remix)
4. Zeppelin (Diskodiktator Remix)
5. Machines Gone Mad (Trinity Ward Remix)
6. Triadic Ballet (Passengers In Turmoil Version)
7. Art + Technology (Sound Of Science Remix)
8. Struktur (Paul Alty Remix)
9. Les Trois Couleurs (Machinespirit Remix)
10. The Manifesto (Franck Kartell Remix)
11. Utopia (Thomas More's Vile Remix)
‘Triadic Ballet’: 3 silvery discs packaged in a Bauhaus-inspired deluxe box: Disc 1 starts off with a trilogy of “Design”, emphasizing – again – unity, variety and hierarchy. “3 Directors”, a far more nervous and edgy affair, could well be the perfect soundtrack to the roller-coaster ride experienced by the Bauhaus’ three directors Gropius, Meyer and van der Rohe. It paves the way for “Ikone Der Moderne”, a 90’s electro inspired four-to-the-floor, soothed by rainy arpeggios and driven forward by throbbing strings. “Zeppelin” then, is definitely up, up and away, providing blue skies and breathing space, before the frenzy returns with“Machines Gone Mad” and the weirdness of “Triadic Ballet”. “Art + Technology” and “Struktur” find some inspiration in the great city of Düsseldorf, while “Les 3 Couleurs” (The 3 Colours) shows the Passengers moving into their own ground. “The Manifesto” is the seamless combination of musical backdrop vs spoken word, and as such it’s an intriguing illustration of the Bauhaus theory. It’s also the perfect introductory piece for “Utopia”, probably the most emotionally gripping song Metroland have created to date: Bauhaus was about men who believed in a utopian world where human meets mechanical: if the band succeeded in one thing, it's proving that this combination, when applied to music, can lead to astonishing and moving results.
Disc 2 and 3 belong to the remixers. They took the songs, filtered them through their own artistic sieve and came up with results as diverse as they are interesting: from the synthpop of the Greek Fotonovela to the electro of Laurent Paranthoën’s Commuter, or the minimal EBM of Belgium’s Absolute Body Control to the toy shop of Playboy’s Bend (origin unsure. Could be La La Land). All in all, it’s a different journey than disc 1, for sure. But those who stick with it to the end, may find it a rewarding addition to the voyage.

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