Terry Riley - Collection - 1963-2012

Terry Riley - Collection - 1963-2012

Artist: Terry Riley
Title Of Album: Collection
Year Of Release:1963-2012
Label: CBS Records, Elision Fields, Cortical Foundation
Genre:jazz, Indian classical music, minimalism, soundtrack, Ambient, Drone
Quality: MP3
Bitrate: 160-320 kbps
Total Time: 37:10:12
Total Size: 4,42gb

Terrence Mitchell "Terry" Riley (/ˈraɪli/; born June 24, 1935) is an American composer and performing musician intrinsically associated with the minimalist school of Western classical music and was a pioneer of the movement. His work has been deeply influenced by both jazz and Indian classical music.
Riley's music is usually based on improvising through a series of modal figures of different lengths, such as in In C and the Keyboard Studies. The first performance of In C was given by Steve Reich, Jon Gibson, Pauline Oliveros, and Morton Subotnick. Its form was an innovation: The piece consists of 53 separate modules of roughly one measure apiece, each containing a different musical pattern but each, as the title implies, in the key of C.[citation needed] One performer beats a steady pulse of Cs on the piano to keep tempo. The others, in any number and on any instrument, perform these musical modules following a few loose guidelines, with the different musical modules interlocking in various ways as time goes on.
In the 1950s he was already working with tape loops, a technology then in its infancy, and he has continued manipulating tapes to musical effect, both in the studio and in live performance, throughout his career. An early tape loop piece titled The Gift featured the trumpet playing of Chet Baker. Riley has composed in just intonation as well as microtonal pieces.
Riley's collaborators have included the Rova Saxophone Quartet, Pauline Oliveros, the ARTE Quartett, and, as mentioned, the Kronos Quartet.
Riley's famous overdubbed electronic album A Rainbow in Curved Air (recorded 1968, released 1969) inspired many later developments in electronic music, including Pete Townshend's organ parts on The Who's "Won't Get Fooled Again" and "Baba O'Riley", the latter named in tribute to Riley as well as to Meher Baba.
Riley's 1995 Lisbon Concert recording features him in a solo piano format, improvising on his own works. In the liner notes Riley cites Art Tatum, Bud Powell, and Bill Evans as his piano "heroes", illustrating the importance of jazz to his conceptions.
1963 - Music For The Gift
1966 - Reed Streams - L'Infonie - In C Mantra
1967 - A Rainbow in Curved Air
1968 - In C
1968 - Poppy Nogood and The Phantom Band 'All Night Flight' Vol. 1
1971 - Church of Anthrax (with John Cale) 320
1972 - Happy Ending
1972 - Persian Surgery Dervishes
1975 - Lifespan [Soundtrack]
1980 - Shri Camel
1983 - Descending Moonshine Dervishes
1983 - Songs for the Ten Voices of the Two Prophets
1985 - No Man's Land
1986 - The Harp Of New Albion
1992 - Persian Surgery Dervishes [CD1]
1992 - Persian Surgery Dervishes [CD2]
1992 - The Padova Concert
1994 - Chanting the Light of Foresight
1995 - In C - 25th Anniversary Concert
1996 - Lisbon Concert
1996 - No Mans Land & Conversation With the Sirocco
1997 - Lazy Afternoon Among the Crocodiles
1999 - Olson III
1999 - Reed Streams - In C (Mantra)
1999 - The Book of Abbeyozzud
2000 - Music for the Gift
2000 - You're No Good
2002 - Atlantis Nath
2005 - Diamond Fiddle Language (with Stefano Scodanibbio) 320
2008 - The Last Camel In Paris
2010 - Autodreamographical Tales
2012 - Aleph
Kronos Quartet - 1985 - Terry Riley - Cadenza on the Night Plain
Kronos Quartet - 1989 - Terry Riley - Salome Dances for Peace
Kronos Quartet - 1998 - 25 Years - Terry Riley
Kronos Quartet - 2001 - Terry Riley - Requiem for Adam
Kronos Quartet - 2008 - Terry Riley - The Cusp of Magic


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