Mike Cooper - Places I Know​​ The Machine Gun Co. with Mike Cooper (2014)

Mike Cooper - Places I Know​​ The Machine Gun Co. with Mike Cooper (2014)

Artist: Mike Cooper
Title Of Album: Places I Know ​/ ​The Machine Gun Co. with Mike Cooper
Year Of Release: 2014
Label: Paradise Of Bachelors
Genre: Folk, Avant-Garde, Experimental, Psychedelic
Quality: 320 Kbps
Total Time: 79:50 min
Total Size: 187 MB
01. Country Water 3.04
02. Three Forty-Eight (Blues for or Against Andalusia) 3.49
03. Night Journey 5.09
04. Time to Time 8.27
05. Paper and Smoke 3.55
06. Broken Bridges 4.38
07. Now I Know 4.57
08. Goodbye Blues, Goodbye 4.53
09. Places I Know 2.25
10. Song for Abigail 9.02
11. The Singing Tree 5.36
12. Midnight Words 3.28
13. So Glad (That I Found You) 15.19
14. Lady Anne 5.15
After two years of tireless work to liberate these long out-of-print masterpieces from the vaults, Paradise of Bachelors is proud to present the first artist-sanctioned reissues—and first-ever vinyl reissues—of iconoclastic English-born, Rome-based folk and experimental music legend Mike Cooper’s classic trio of early 1970s avant-folk/rock records: Trout Steel , Places I Know , and The Machine Gun Co. with Mike Cooper . The latter two titles are presented for the very first time as the definitive double album, as Cooper originally intended them to be released.
Listening to Cooper’s recordings retrospectively in sequence reveals a rangy narrative of perennial reinvention from document to document through a playful approach to the deconstruction of “folk” musics and all that gross genre signifier implies and denies. By the time the Rolling Stones invited him to join the band in the early ’60s, and he politely declined (true story; Brian Jones took the gig), he had already progressed far beyond the circumscribed bounds of their early, hip-histrionic Albionic blues. By the time he was rumored to have retired from music in the mid ’70s, disappearing from his home in Southern England into Southern Spain to become a fisherman (an amusing fiction; he suffers from seasickness), he had already moved beyond his heady homebrew of progressive, free jazz-framed songcraft into increasingly less conventionally structured frontiers of open improvisation and later, electronic composition.
The Machine Gun Co. band (named for the 1968 Peter Brötzmann album) coalesced around Cooper’s desire to continue the improvisatory path forged on Trout Steel in a more sustainable manner, with a steady core group of likeminded musicians able to buttress its daring, long-form improvisatory vaults with a bedrock foundation. Peter Eden (Donovan, Bill Fay, Clive Palmer) produced the historic sessions, which veered from the impeccable conceptual folk-rock artistry of Places I Know (as Cooper explains, “the secret of the title of this record is that it was meant as a kind of covers record, or an homage to some musicians and songwriters that I liked at the time, the ‘places’ in the title—I was interested in seeing if I could emulate some other people without actually sounding like them”) to the utterly singular “songmaking” deconstructions of the more radical The Machine Gun Co., wherein the band erects lapidary arrangements reminiscent of Tim Buckley, only to dismantle them into virtuosic passages of Beefheartian free-jazz scree and skronk. According to Cooper:
What was initially planned was a double album, with one record played by the Machine Gun Co. and the other with arrangements by Mike Gibbs and his orchestra. Those two records were conceived as a double album aimed at covering the wide range of music I was interested in and gently leading the listener from the more accessible Places I Know, with its Mike Gibbs arrangements, into the more (for the times) extreme areas of The Machine Gun Co. That never happened, and they were released as two separate records a year apart.

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