Singer Pur - Time Piece 4CD Box Set (2011)

Singer Pur - Time Piece 4CD Box Set (2011)

Artist: Singer Pur
Title Of Album: Time Piece
Year Of Release: 2011
Label: Ars Musici
Genre: Classical
Quality: FLAC (Tracks)/MP3
Bitrate: Lossless/320 kbps
Total Size: 1 Gb/578 mb
German a capella group Singer Pur allow no stylistic limitations to their repertoire choices. The featured release below contains Renaissance sacred music, Nordic vocal music, contemporary vocal compositions and motets by di Lasso. This eclecticism and their outstanding performances have all contributed to their many awards, glowing reviews and rise to prominence as one of the world's leading vocal groups.
Media vita in morte sumus 5:55
Improperium expectavit 2:46
Missa Tous les regretz (excerpts)
Kyrie 3:10
Gloria 4:59
Ubi est Abel 3:19
Circumdederunt me dolores mortis 2:50
Tristis est anima mea 3:23
Missa Tous les regretz: Credo 8:43
Emendemus in melius 3:50
Recordare Jesu pie 3:04
Missa Tous les regretz: Sanctus - Benedictus 4:11
Quare tristis es anima mea? 4:28
Pater noster 4:37
Missa Tous les regretz: Agnus Dei 3:19
Tous les regretz 3:49

3 Korvisor till dikter av J.P. Jacobsen: No. 2. I seraillets have (In the Seraglio Garden) 1:57
3 Shakespeare Songs: No. 2. Sonnet 147 (My Love is as a fever) 2:49
Tiga blott (Just be Silent) 1:56
Nattvarden (Communion) 3:55
Kvallen stunder (The Evening Approaches) 2:10
7 Dalmalningar (7 Dalecarlian Paintings): No. 1. Torn Eriks visa (Torn Erik's Song) 4:30
Iltarukous (Evening Prayer) (arr. A. Sarmanto) 2:31
Hostvisa (Autumn Song) (arr. L. Osterlund) 4:57
Frosoblomster (Froso-Flowers), Book 1, Op. 16: No. 4. Till rosorno (To the Roses) (arr. P. Lundquist) 3:37
3 Erotic Songs: No. 1. Refrang (Refrain) 1:45
Lek (Games) 0:53
Vanitas 8:08
Corpus Christi Carol 3:42
3 Shakespeare Songs: No. 1. Madrigal (Take, O Take Those Lips Away) 1:57
11 Kosmos: Nagon gang (Sometime) 1:26
Kung Liljekonvalije av dungen (King Lily of the Valley) 3:03
Som nar hander (As when day dawns) 4:10
Jamtlandsk Folkvisa (Jamtland Folk Tune) 2:15
Shall I Compare Thee 2:46
11 Kosmos: Universum 1:27
Visa tili Faro (arr. G. Eriksson) 3:04

What a Wonderful World (arr. H. Huber) 3:02
3 Chansons de Charles d'Orleans
No. 1. Dieu! qu'il la fait bon regarder 2:24
No. 2. Quant j'ai ouy le tabourin 1:47
No. 3. Yver, vous n'estes qu'un villain 2:07
Living Room Music: II. Story 1:58
Le renard et le buste 4:33
Nonsense Madrigals: No. 6. Flying Robert 2:55
Mein G'muth ist mir verwirret 1:57
Adieu mon esperance 2:17
Allala la pia calia 2:39
Ach Elslein, liebes Elselein 2:23
Mon amy m'avoit promis 1:57
S'eguale a la mia voglia 4:35
Time Piece, Op. 16 11:01
3 Gesange, Op. 42: No. 1. Abendstandchen 2:13
The Little Green Lane 1:49
3 Korvisor till dikter av J.P. Jacobsen: No. 1. September, "Alle de voksende Skygger" 1:49
Untreue (arr. F. Silcher) 2:52
3 Sacred Songs, Op. 69: No. 3. Abendlied, "Bleib bei uns, es will Abend werden" 2:59
Lil' Darlin' (arr. C. Wegmann) 3:40

O Domine Jesu Christe 2:47
In monte Oliveti 4:04
Magnus es tu, Domine 5:52
Verbum caro factum 10:03
Iustus es Domine 3:50
Scio quod redemptor meus vivit 4:09
Maria salve virginum 3:13
Factor orbis 8:41
Oculi Domini super justos 3:36
Ave decus virginum 3:36
Ad Dominum, cum tribularer 3:29
Viri sancti 2:15
In resurrectione tua 1:43
Miserere mei, Deus 9:48

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