Mercury Rev – Yerself Is Steam (1992)

Mercury Rev – Yerself Is Steam (1992)

Artist: Mercury Rev
Title Of Album: Yerself Is Steam
Year Of Release: 1992
Label: Columbia CK-53030
Genre: Alternative Rock
Quality: MP3 | FLAC
Bitrate: VBR 0 | 16Bit/44kHz
Total Size: 113 MB | 361 MB
Total Time: 51:08
1. Chasing A Bee 07:10
2. Syringe Mouth 04:05
3. Coney Island Cyclone 02:37
4. Blue and Black 06:00
5. Sweet Oddysee of a Cancer Cell T' Th' Center Of Yer Heart 07:49
6. Frittering 08:48
7. Continuous Trucks and Thunder Under A Mother's Smile 00:44
8. Very Sleepy Rivers 07:16
9. Car Wash Hair 06:45
Jonathan Donahue: Guitar, Vocals
David Baker: Vocals
Jimy Chambers: Drums
Dave Fridmann: Bass
C. Gavazzi: Trumpet
Grasshopper: Guitar
Suzanne Thorpe: Flute
Review from Allmusic:
Music dictated not by logic but by intuition, Yerself Is Steam is an album at war with itself, split by its desire to achieve both melodic pop bliss and white-noise transcendence within the same space; it succeeds brilliantly, avant-bubblegum fuel injected by fits and flourishes of prismatic chaos. From the comic malevolence of David Baker's mad-scientist creations to Jonathan Donahue's opiate lullabies, Yerself Is Steam is vividly cinematic – between the roller coaster feedback of "Coney Island Cyclone" and the narcoleptic ebb and flow of the climactic "Very Sleepy Rivers," the songs perfectly evoke their titular aspirations; likewise, from the album title (say it out loud) onward, the lyrics revel in the quirks and idiosyncrasies of language, buoyed by a homophonous prankishness and dada rhyme schemes, which, in their own odd way, suggest a kind of poetry. A near-perfect debut from a band that would only get better from here on out. [The American edition appends the superb single "Car Wash Hair," while some foreign releases include the bonus disc Lego My Ego, a crazy quilt knitted together from unlikely covers (Sly Stone's "If You Want Me to Stay," Miles Davis' "Shhh/Peaceful"), Peel Sessions highlights, and wonderfully loopy studio chatter.]
Biography from Allmusic:
Not so much a band as a long, strange trip, the chaotic avant pop pranksters Mercury Rev formed in Buffalo, NY, in the late '80s. Originally comprised of vocalist David Baker, vocalist/silver pickup guitarist Jonathan Donahue, guitar shaper/single-exhaust clarinetist Grasshopper (born Sean Mackowiak), rooster-tail bass flutist Suzanne Thorpe, bass explorer Dave Fridmann, and mojo stick drummer Jimy Chambers, the sextet – always rife with personality conflicts – interacted with one another infrequently, and their first recordings evolved simply as a means of creating soundtracks for the members' experimental student films as well as for Howard Nelson's Lite-Brite and Marco Fogg's Sugardaddy Sea.
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