Michael Nyman - The Very Best Of: Film Music 1980-2001

Michael Nyman - The Very Best Of: Film Music 1980-2001

Artist: Michael Nyman
Title Of Album: Michael Nyman - The Very Best Of: Film Music 1980-2001
Year Of Release: November 12, 2001
Label: Virgin
Genre: Soundtracks, Instrumental
Quality: APE
Total Size: 863,72 Мb
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This superb import compilation brings together some of the composer's best soundtrack works on two CD's. Includes many tracks from the early Peter Greenway films, the award winning Jane Champion film the The Piano and highly acclaimed films by Michael Winterbottom. Also included are previously unreleased work as well as material from 'The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover', 'Hairdresser's Husband', 'Prospero's Books', & 'Carrington', 'Gattaca', 'End Of The Affair' & much more.
Michael Nyman first got my attention with his most popular score to date, The Piano. Nyman's music in the film The Piano, I believe, has yet to be surpassed by any piano score to date. An accomplishment very well recieved by the composer himself, who's redone the score over and over again(I would too if I wrote it). Nyman's other works are not too familiar to me but they all sound very good. His work in Gattaca, although, is another one of Nyman's better scores. The score to Wonderland is probably the closes work to The Piano, feeling wise. Very intense and emotional. I give Michael Nyman 5 stars for his 21 years of composing music for film
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Disc: 1
1. Bird List
2. Chasing Sheep Is Best Left to Shepherds
3. Eye for Optical Theory
4. Homage to Maurice
5. Angelfish Decay - Zoo Orchestra
6. Time Lapse - Zoo Orchestra
7. Trysting Fields
8. Wheelbarrow Walk
9. Knowing the Ropes
10. Memorial
11. Skating
12. Peeking
13. Abandoning
14. Skirting
15. Miranda Previsited
16. Here to There - Munich Philharmonic Orchestra, Michael Nyman
17. Heart Asks Pleasure First/The Promise - Munich Philharmonic Orchestra, Michael Nyman
18. All Imperfect Things - Munich Philharmonic Orchestra, Michael Nyman
19. Dreams of a Journey - Munich Philharmonic Orchestra, Michael Nyman
Disc: 2
1. Escape
2. Fly Drive
3. Infinite Complexities of Christmas
4. If - Michael Nyman, Hilary Summers
5. Abel Carries Ephraim
6. Becoming Jerome/God's Hands - Michael Nyman Orchestra
7. Morrow - Michael Nyman Orchestra
8. Other Side - Michael Nyman Orchestra
9. Departure - Michael Nyman Orchestra
10. Convening the Coven - Michael Nyman Orchestra
11. Stranger at the Window - Michael Nyman Orchestra
12. Cannibal Fantasy - Michael Nyman Orchestra
13. Molly
14. Eddie
15. Dan
16. Eileen
17. Sarah Dies - Michael Nyman Orchestra
18. End of the Affair - Michael Nyman Orchestra
19. Shootout - Michael Nyman Orchestra
20. Burning - Michael Nyman Orchestra
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