Bahramji Maneesh De Moor - Call Of The Mystic (2005)

Bahramji Maneesh De Moor - Call Of The Mystic (2005)

Artist: Bahramji & Maneesh De Moor
Title Of Album: Call Of The Mystic
Year Of Release: 01 Feb 2005
Label: Blue Flame
Genre: Meditative, Chill Out, Worldbeat, Lounge
Quality: mp3
Total Length: 00:50:18
Bitrate: 320kbps
Total Size: 115 Mb
01. Crazy Heart
02. Watch The Cat
03. La Illaha (Feat. Sudha)
04. Moment With You
05. Dreamcatcher
06. Harambol Connection
07. Return Of The Nightingale
01. "I am drunk and you are mad. Who is going to take us home? I told you hundreds of times: Drink one glass less."
02. "If a tree is not in harmony with the rest of the garden, the gardener takes it away by its roots. Even if the fruits it bears are jewels..."
03. "There is no God, but God."
04. "One moment with you is more precious than anything else to me. Oh, my beloved, my master, who is who?"
05. "I saw a being tall like a cypress, hair like the night and a face like the moon. I set on my way for one more glimpse of you, my beloved, you are my witness, love and blessing. All is beautiful!"
06. Relax, let it be...
07. "Did you know the Nightnigale is back? He went to Sama (to rejoice) and became the master of his own kind."
The lyrics are based on Rumi's and other mystical poetry and the tracks carry an urban vibe in meditation.
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