Bo Diddley - His Underrated 1962 LP (Bonus Track Version) (2013)

Bo Diddley - His Underrated 1962 LP (Bonus Track Version) (2013)

Artist: Bo Diddley
Title Of Album: His Underrated 1962 LP (Bonus Track Version)
Year Of Release: 2013
Label: Hoodoo Records
Genre: Rock, Rock & Roll, Blues
Format: Mp3 | Flac
Quality: 320 kbps | Lossless
Total Time: 63:31 Min
Total Size: 154 Mb | 360 Mb
01. I Can Tell
02. Mr. Krushchev
03. Diddling
04. Give Me A Break
05. Who May Your Lover Be
06. Bo’s Bounce
07. You Can’t Judge A Book By Looking At The Cover
08. Babes In The Woods
09. Sad Sack
10. Mama Don’t Allow No Twistin’
11. You All Green
12. Bo’s Twist
13. Bo Diddley Is An Outlaw (Bonus Track)
14. Aloha (Bonus Track)
15. Funny Talk (Bonus Track)
16. Let Me Pass (Live) (Bonus Track)
17. Back Home (Bonus Track)
18. Road Runner (Live) (Bonus Track)
19. Give Me A Break – You Can’t Judge A Book By Looking At The Cover (Live) (Bonus Track)
20. Bucket (Bonus Track)
21. Hey! Bo Diddley (Live) (Bonus Track)
22. I’m Bad (Bonus Track)
23. Googlia Moo (Bonus Track)
24. My Story (Bonus Track)
Five years after Bo Diddley first released an album called Bo Diddley, he went and released another LP with just his name on the front cover, and really, what else do you need to know about an album that features the wit, wisdom, sound, and rhythm of the great man also known as Ellas McDaniel? The 1962 Bo Diddley doesn't boast quite as many immediate classics as his 1957 debut, but any album that includes "You Can't Judge a Book by Looking at the Cover" and "Bo's Bounce" need not make any excuses, and "You All Green" and "I Can Tell" confirm Bo had plenty of other tricks up his sleeve. Elsewhere, Bo offers his take on the politics of the day in "Mr. Khrushchev," reveals he can keep up with the latest dance crazes with "Mama Don't Allow No Twistin'" and "Bo's Twist," and rejects brazen infidelity in "Who May Your Lover Be." Of course, despite the great songs, the real attraction here is hearing Bo's gloriously hypnotic guitar work, which chugs along with the power of the Super Chief, and the relentless rhythm poured out by Bo, his guitar foil Norma Jean Wolford (aka the Duchess), maraca man Jerome Green, and a handful of drummers and bassists, with some of the best moments coming in instrumental numbers like "Diddling," "Sad Sack," and the relentless "Give Me a Break." Part of Bo Diddley's brilliance was that he could come up with amazing music like this seemingly at will, and when you can do that, your name really is all the description your records need. Hey Bo Diddley, indeed. [In 2013, Hoodoo Records reissued Bo Diddley with the subtitle "His Underrated 1962 LP," though who with ears and a lick of sense would ever suggest this album was anything other than brilliant? For their reissue, Hoodoo included a dozen bonus tracks, a hodgepodge of tunes culled from a 1962 television appearance, home-recorded demos, and rare studio sides. The bonus material seems to have been tossed together with little rhyme or reason, but it flows together well enough, and testifies to Bo's ceaseless creative energy in the '50s and '60s. The Hoodoo edition also includes a booklet with plenty of photos and information about the great man, and if this album doesn't already hold an honored place in your collection, this disc will remedy that situation in style.]

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