Otmar Suitner - Legendary Recordings 10 CD Box Set (2006) (LOSSLESS MP3)

Otmar Suitner - Legendary Recordings 10 CD Box Set (2006) (LOSSLESS MP3)

Artist: Otmar Suitner
Title Of Album: Legendary Recordings
Year Of Release: 2006
Label: Edel Classics
Genre: Classical
Quality: FLAC (Image+.cue,scans)/MP3
Bitrate: lossless/320 kbps
Time: 11:18:32 min
Total Size: 1,9 Gb/1,51 Gb
Issued without accompanying notes, we are asked to take it on faith that these recordings made by Otmar Suitner with the Dresden Staatskapelle are in fact legendary. But while most of the performances here have not been released on compact discs, that does not necessarily make them legendary; it only makes them rare. Still, whether rare or legendary, the performances on this Edel Classics 10-disc set are never less than interesting. Though the 13 Mozart symphonies included here have been recorded many times before, Suitner's spry and sprightly interpretations -- with their alert tempos and sinewy textures -- are in the same class as Neville Marriner's. And though Joseph Lanner's dances, Suppé's overtures, and particularly Volkmann's Serenade have been recorded much less frequently than Mozart's symphonies, Suitner's brightly colored and balletic interpretations make all other recordings seem prosaic by comparison. But legendary means more than merely interesting, and many of Suitner's performances are not much more than merely interesting. His direct account of Mahler's First adds nothing to our knowledge of the work and his straightforward reading of Hindemith's Symphonic Metamorphosis is just another walk around the block for that orchestral favorite. Suitner fans will have to at least audition the performances here. Other listeners may not need to.
CD 1:
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)
Symphony No. 28 In С Major K.200
01. Allegro Spiritoso
02. Andante
03. Menuetto: Allegretto
04. Presto
Symphony No. 29 In A Major K.201
05. Allegro Moderato
06. Andante
07. Menuetto
08. Allegro Con Spirito
Symphony No. 30 In D Major K.202
09. Molto Allegro
10. Andantino Con Moto
11. Menuetto
12. Presto
CD 2:
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)
Symphony No. 31 In D Major K.297 "Paris"
01. Allegro Assai
02. Andante
03. Allegro
Symphony No. 32 In G Major K.318
04. Allegro Spiritoso - Andante 8:31
Symphony No. 33 In В Flat Major K.319
05. Allegro Assai
06. Andante Moderato
07. Menuetto
08. Finale. Allegro Assai
Symphony No. 34 In С Major K.338
09. Allegro Vivace
10. Andante Di Molto
11. Finale. Allegro Vivace
CD 3:
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)
Symphony No. 35 In D Major K.385 "Haffner"
01. Allegro Con Spirito
02. Andante
03. Menuetto
04. Finale. Presto
Symphony No. 36 In С Major K.425 "Linz"
05. Adagio - Allegro Spiritoso
06. Andante
07. Menuetto
08. Presto
Symphony No. 38 In D Major K.504 "Prague"
09. Adagio - Allegro
10. Andante
11. Finale. Presto
CD 4:
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)
Symphony No. 39 In E Flat Major K.543
01. Adagio - Allegro
02. Andante Con Moto
03. Menuetto: Allegretto
04. Finale. Allegro
Symphony No. 40 In G Minor K.550
05. Molto Allegro
06. Andante
07. Menuetto: Allegretto
08. Allegro Assai
Symphony No. 41 In С Major K.551 "Jupiter"
09. Allegro Vivace
10. Andante Cantabile
11. Menuetto: Allegretto
12. Finale. Molto Allegro
CD 5:
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik In G Major K.525 (Serenade For 2 Violins, Viola, Violoncello And Bass)
01. Allegro
02. Romanze. Andante
03. Menuetto. Allegretto
04. Rondo. Allegro
Serenata Notturna In D Major K.239
05. Marcia. Maestoso
06. Menuetto
07. Rondo. Allegretto - Adagio - Allegro
Serenade In F Major K.101 For 2 Violins, 2 Oboes, Flute, Bassoon, 2 Horns And Bass
08. (Contre Danse)
09. Andantino
10. (Presto)
11. (Gavotte)
Notturno In D Major K.286 For 4 Orchestras; Four Times 2 Violins, Viola, Bass And 2 Horns
12. Andante
13. Allegretto Grazioso
14. Menuetto
Ein Musikalischer Spafi -A Musical Joke K.522
15. Allegro
16. Menuetto. Maestoso
17. Andante Cantahile
18. Presto
CD 6:
Georges Bizet (1838-1875)
Symphony In С Major
01. Allegro. Allegro Vivo
02. Andante. Adagio
03. Scherzo. Allegro Vivace
04. Finale. Allegro Vivace
Carl Maria Von Weber (1786-1826)
Symphony No. 1 In С Major
05. Allegro Con Fuoco
06. Andante
07. Scherzo. Presto
08. Finale. Presto
CD 7:
Peter I. Tchaikovsky (1840-1893)
Serenade For String Orchestra In С Major Op. 48
01. Pezzo In Forma Di Sonatina: Andante Non Troppo - Allegro Moderato - Andante Non Troppo
02. Walzer: Moderato - Tempo Di Valse
03. Elegie: Larghetto Elegiaco
04. Finale (Tenia Russo): Andante - Allegro Con Spirito
Joseph Lanner (1801-1843)
05. Steyrische Tanze Op. 165
06. Die Schbonbrunner Op. 200
07. Hofballtanze Op. 161
Josef Strauf (1827-1870)
08. Pizzicato-Polka
09. Auf Ferienreisen Op. 133
Polka Schnell
10. Frauenherz-Polka Op. 166
11. Moulinet-Polka Op. 57
Polka Francaise
12. Die Libelle Op. 204
Polka Mazurka
13. Feuerfest-Polka
Polka Francaise
14. Plappermaulchen
Polka Schnell
CD 8:
Franz Von Suppe (1819-1895)
01. Overture Die Schone Galathee
02. Overture Dicliter Und Bauer
03. Overture Banditenstreiche
04. Overture Leichte Kavallerie
05. Overture Flotte Bursche
06. Overture Pique Dame
Robert Volkmann (1815-1883)
Serenade No. 2 In F Major For String Orchestra Op. 63
07. Allegro Moderato
08. Molto Vivace
09. Walzer: Allegretto Moderato
10. Marsch: Allegro Marcato
CD 9:
Gustav Mahler (1860-1911)
Symphony No. 1 In D Major "Titan"
01. Langsam. Schleppend
02. Kraftig Bewegt
03. Feierlich Gemessen, Ohne Zu Schleppen - Sehr Einfach Und Schlicht Wie Eine Volksweise
04. Sturmisch Bewegt
Richard Strauss (1864-1949)
05. Metamorphoses
Study For 23 Solo Strings
CD 10:
Paul Hindemith (1895-1963)
Symphonic Metamorphoses On Themes By Carl Maria Von Weber For Large Orchestra
01. Allegro
02. Turandot. Scherzo - Moderato - Lebhaft
03. Andantino
04. Marsch
Igor Stravinsky (1882-1971)
Le Sacre Du Printemps
Pictures From Pagan Russia In Two Parts
05. 1st Part: Adoration Of The Earth
06. 2nd Part: The Sacrifice
Claude Debussy (1862-1918)
07. Prelude A I'apres-Midi D'un Faune
Fritz Rucker, Flute

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