Krzysztof Scieranski - The Colors (2010)

Krzysztof Scieranski - The Colors (2010)

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Artist: Krzysztof Scieranski
Title Of Album: The Colors
Year Of Release: 2010
Label: Fonografika
Genre: Jazz / Fusion
Format: MP3
Bitrate: CBR 320 Kbps
Total Time: 01:19:42
Total Size: 204 MB
1. Nostalgia [09:32]
2. Loops [07:49]
3. Pustynna Burza [08:04]
4. Piasek Pustyni [11:43]
5. Zegnaj Kuba [08:24]
6. Afrykan Blues (Footprintsski) [10:59]
7. Wykryto Pewne Nieprawidlowosci [08:15]
8. I Towers You [07:08]
9. Edesseg [07:42]
Krzysztof Scieranski at the begining of his musician life, he had been fascinated by electic guitar. Most of infliuence to his playng was Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and The Beatles. But once uppon a time, bass player left his older brother’s band. There was a reason for Krzysztof to try another instrument, cello’s younger brother - electric bass guitar. It was about 1973, since Krzysztof Scieranski have been found as a bass player. He starts to experiment as a member of first professional band “Laboratorium”, he was invited by Janusz Grzywacz - leader. “Experiment” is a good word that can describe all works with friens in the band.
In next years Scieranski was a member of lots of Polish best jazz bands. He was working with Zbigniew Namyslowski in “Air Condition”, Krzesimir Debski in “String Connection” (best Polish jazz band in 80’s years) and many more. He is the Number One for over 20 years on bass players list publicated by Jazz Forum year by year.
After years it’s hard to say that he is playng bass guitar. It’s better find him as a paintingtime- man, using full of colors palette. Of course, he plays four-stringed electric bass, including a special instrument: Peavey Midi Bass. It gives him additonal space by sound modules, sampler and Lexicon MamMan loopers. His performance is a voyage in time and space. Warm evening sun of India, hot and beautyfull Kalhari desert, Africa, Cuba, Middle West, and Jimmi Hendrix arrives from all the world’s corners to the palces where Scieranski is playing.
His history is very long and intresting. Over 50 records with otrer, and 10 “long-plays” and CD’s wher he recorded his own music solo and with musician friends he’ve meet on the road. Many concerts in all around the world: UK, USSR, USA, Norway, Sweden, Deuthland, Hungary, India, Indonesia and many more. Krzysztof composed a fiew songs, which are the mile-stones in Polish popular music.
First of all, he’s the only one bassist we knows, who can play concert alone (!). Using edvanced equipment like samplers, drum machines, loopers and midi-bass and of course his miracule mind and intuition with amazing instrumentalist’s technique.
Today we have trio and two quartets. In trio, except Scieranski, plays Marek Raduli on guitar and Michal Dabrowka on drums - one of the highest level jazz musician and side-mans. For last three or four years Scieranski plays quartet with Zbigniew Jakubek (keyboard), Marek Napiorkowski (electric guitar) and Michal Dabrowka (drums).
Trio and quarter are the powerfull jazz-rock bands.

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