Madlib - Madlib Medicine Show No. 1-13 (2010-2012) Lossless

Madlib - Madlib Medicine Show No. 1-13 (2010-2012) Lossless

Artist: Madlib
Title Of Album: Madlib Medicine Show No. 1-13
Year Of Release: 2010-2012
Label: Stones Throw
Genre: Hip-Hop, Jazz, Funk
Quality: FLAC
Total Time: 365:21 min
Total Size: 5.86 GB
1. Motherland
2. The Frontline (Liberation)
3. Raw Introduction To Afreaka
4. African Voodoo Queen (Drama)
5. Jungle Soundz (Part One)
6. The Struggle To Unite (One Africa)
7. Mandingo Swing
8. Endless Cold (Lovelost)
9. Chant 2
10. Afrosound Panorama
11. Hunting Theme
12. Yafeu
13. Afritonic Pt. 1
14. Afritonic Pt. 2
15. Tradition
16. Spearthrow for Oh No
17. Tear Gas and Bullets for Freedom
18. Heritage Slip
19. Land Of The Drum
20. Red, Black and Green Showcase
21. Blackfire
22. Obataive
23. Warrior's Theme
24. Mtima
25. African Map Watch
26. Street Hustler
27. Kanika
28. Chant 3
29. The Show (Inner View)
30. Brothers and Sisters
31. Freedom Play
32. African Bounce
33. Umi (Life)
34. Natural Sound Waves
35. Jungle Sounds Pt. 2
36. Mighty Force
37. Unika (Outro)
38. Bonus A
39. Bonus F
40. Bonus R
41. Bonus I
42. Bonus C
43. Bonus A (Amanaz)
Madlib Medicine Show No. 3: Beat Konducta in Africa will be released March 23 as the third installment of the producer's one-release-a-month music series for 2010. Beat Konducta in Africa will be released as CD, 2/LP, limited 3/LP deluxe, and digitally.
Beat Konducta in Africa is an instrumental hip-hop album produced & mixed with Madlib, featuring J. Rocc. This album bases itself on the obscure vinyl gems from the afro-beat, funk, psych-rock, garage-rock & soul movements of African countries as diverse as Zambia, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Ghana, Botswana and Ivory Coast.

1. What Are the Medical Benefits of Smoking Marijuana?
2. What Are the Negative Risks of Smoking It?
3. What Alternatives Are There to Smoking?
4. Are a Lot of Pesticides on Pot?
5. Where Is All This Pot Coming From?
6. So What Does the Law Say About These Dispensaries and Their Various Pot Products?
7. How Much Pot Am I Allowed to Have at One Time?
8. How Do I Get a Prescription?
9. Will My Name End Up on Some DEA List?
Madlib follows Beat Konducta In Africa with the fourth installment of the Medicine Show series, "420 Chalice All Stars: All Jamaican Sounds." Anyone familiar with Madlib knows his deep appreciation of the variety of music from Jamaica. Think back to his run through of the Trojan Records catalog, 2004's "Blunted In The Bombshelter." On "420 Chalice All Stars" all Jamaican flavors are evident, from the speedy ska of the mid 60s to the dark dub of the early 70s to the rollicking funk from some of Jamaica's best known ensembles.
This is a mixtape. Even numbers in the Medicine Show series are mixtapes, while odd numbers are new content.
"All Jamaican sounds: Dub. Roots. Reggae. Good stuff as I would say. Selected & mixed by Madlib, a musical disc from the flick of the wrist to make you jump and twist." – Madlib

01. Warning (Intro)
02. Static Invazion
03. Stakeout
04. Rapper X Radio
05. Last Day's Music
06. Nothing From Nothing
07. Episode VII
08. Episode VIII
09. Episode IX
10. Episode X
11. Episode XI
12. Episode XII
13. Episode XIII
14. Episode XIV
15. Episode XV
16. Episode XVI
17. Episode XVII
18. Episode XVIII
19. Episode XIX
20. Episode XX
21. Further Adventures of Walkman Flavor
22. Episode XXII
23. Episode XXIII
24. Episode XXIV
25. Episode XXV
26. Episode XXVI
27. Episode XXVII
28. Live From Outer Space
29. Real Days
30. C.D.P. Assassins Pt.1
31. C.D.P. Assassins Pt.2&3
32. C.D.P. Assassins Pt.4
33. C.D.P. Assassins Pt.5
34. C.D.P. Assassins Pt.6
Back in the 90s, "beat tapes," as a Hip Hop producer's demo-reel is now quaintly referred to, were literally that: cassette tapes of beats that a producer made either for himself, his friends, or for potential collaborators. As you can imagine, Madlib made a bunch of 'em in the days between his early productions for the Alkaholiks (circa '92) and the release of his Quasimoto album - after which he took a couple of years off of the beats to focus on making jazz music with his fictional five piece, Yesterdays New Quintet.
This collection of beats showcases the way that Madlib's early Hip Hop demos were filtered out to his friends and associates and provides an opportunity for a unique view into Madlib's working process: these beats, often freestyled on whatever machine he had at the ready, were picked up by rappers over a period of many years. Trainspotters will find it interesting that beats later destined for the likes of Wildchild and Percee P were made some years before those albums saw release.
This album is punctuated with a series of early solo-raps by Madlib and his Quasimoto alter ego and features the cadre known collectively as CDP - those rappers who worked side by side with Madlib during the days of his Oxnard-based "Crate Diggas Palace" studios.
The Madlib Medicine Show series is a combination of Madlib's new hip-hop productions, remixes, beat tapes, and jazz, as well as mixtapes of funk, soul, Brazilian, psych, jazz and other undefined forms of music from the Beat Konducta's 4-ton stack of vinyl.
The CD includes a 12 page booklet/comic. The artwork is by Benjamin Marra who has created a comic book for the album about the fictional 90s-era Rapper X who goes on a vengeful cop-killing rampage.

01. World Leaders Plan Centralized Power & Remote Brain Control
02. It Has Widespread Support
03. Predicted 2000 Years Ago
04. It's Almost Time
05. It Will Happen On 4,20
06. How To Avoid Being A Victim
07. Its Sudden And Complete Collapse Predicted
08. It Is Right On Time
09. The Real New Order
Madlib Medicine Show #6: The Brain Wreck Show is a psych-prog-avante-freak-out-funk rock mix CD, the sixth installment of his Madlib's monthly music series for 2010.
Madlib’s been pegged as a “jazz guy” as far back as 2000 when he & Quasimoto released the song “Jazz Cats.” Declaring this as his first inspiration in music, he's continued to explore jazz years with his fictional jazz group Yesterdays New Quintet. Lately though, his inspiration has come from the rock side of the spectrum.
But, no matter how many jazz records are thrust at him by money-hungry record dealers, he most often – at least lately – gravitates to the late 60s to late 70s psych-prog-avante-freak-out-funk rock. From the Tropicalia of Brasil to the Krautrock of Germany to the fuzzy sonds of mid 70s Nigeria, the Beat Konducta’s rock tastes know no cultural bounds. Actually, we’re not sure if they know any bounds.
This – an introductory mix entitled The Brain Wreck Show (admission, he wrote on the CD master, “One Brainticket” – an homage to one of his favorite Krautrock bands) – should serve to give its listeners a delightfully freaky funked up experience into the rock side of Madlib’s collecting conscious. We’re glad you’re along for the ride.
Madlib Medicine Show is a once-a-month, twelve-CD, six-LP series through the year of 2010 on his own imprint, Madlib Invazion. Odd numbers will be original hip-hop, remix, beat tape and jazz productions; even numbers will be mixtapes of funk, soul, Brazilian, psych, jazz and other undefined forms of music.

01. Steppin' Into Tomorrow (Prelude)
02. Electronic Dimensions
03. Pretty Eyes
04. High Jazz
05. Medley Don't You Worry Bout A Thing (Live At Spear for Moondog)
06. Interlude
07. Reality or Dream
08. Drunk Again
09. Funky Butt, Part 1
10. Wonderin' Nightime
11. Space & Time
12. Conquistador
13. Tarzan's Theme
14. Interlude
15. Kimo
Madlib Medicine Show #7: High Jazz is officially released today. Our limited edition 3/LP vinyl have been shipped, and the CD will ship this week. The digital download of the album is now available as well, including a PDF version of the CD book.
High Jazz is produced entirely by Madlib, an album of jazz tracks created with Madlib's group of musicians and collaborators collectively known as Yesterdays Universe.
Below are some shots of the CD book, and photos taken at the Hit+Run studio where the 3/LP covers were created. The image lists all of Madlib's jazz groups associated with High Jazz, split up among 9 album covers, with additional images from synth & keyboards (Arp, Wurlitzer, Rhodes Seventy-Three). These 3/LP sets are limited to 1400 copies - now sold out from Stones Throw's store, but available while they last at Fat Beats and all our other usual spots.

01. Miles
02. Ornette
03. Pharoah
04. Herbie
05. Mingus
06. Ra
07. Dolphy
08. Ranelin
09. Deodato
10. Coltrane
Madlib has always called himself a DJ first, producer second, with jazz music as his first love and inspiration. With that in mind you might say this is what he does best.
The title card of Madlib Medicine Show No. 8 reads: Imagine an 80-minute music history course talking place in a dusty, hazy studio with wall-to-wall jazz vinyl - records from the past 40 years – jazz, fusion, funky, obscure. This course will not be graded. There will be no lecture. Madlib’s at the turntable. Class is now in session.

01. Nittyville (The Landing)
02. So Beautiful (Dues Paid)
03. Stageridin'
04. Smoke Theme for Dankery Harv
05. Jus' Follow
06. The Exclusive (Bar Scene) feat. The Professionals
07. Eyegotcha Madlib
08. Legalize It (Interlude)
09. Sunday Sinema
10. What Can U Tell Me feat. MED
11. The Truth (Interlude)
12. Red Light Green
13. Go There
14. Set It Off feat. Prime
Nittyville is also perhaps the most traditional of the series, and we make no bones about it: one MC, one producer, and a rap record all about stunts, blunts and hip-hop.
As for “Channel 85,” it is far off most dials. This album’s concept TV station runs one show only: the comic-drama, reality-musical called Nittyville, featuring Frank, MED, Oh No, Madlib, and a supporting cast of extras.

1. (14:54)
To Promote Illogical Thinking
[0:00:00] Jestofunk - For Your Precious Love
[0:00:50] One Way - I Didn't Mean To Break Your Heart
[0:03:47] Dynasty - Here I Am
[0:06:00] Melba Moore - Your Sweet Lovin'
[0:06:57] Atmosfear - Invasion
[0:08:58] Minority Band - Tasty Tune
[0:12:14] Logg - I Know You Will (Larry Levan mix)
2. (9:55)
To Increase Efficiency Of Mentation And Perception
[0:00:00] The Rimshots - Super Disco
[0:00:35] Central Line - (You Know) You Can Do It
[0:01:40] The Chi-Lites - Me and You
[0:03:35] James D. Hall - I Wanna Get Into You
[0:04:54] Don Blackman - Never Miss A Thing
[0:06:30] Mtume - Love Lock
3. (13:25)
To Promote The Intoxicating Effect Of Alcohol
[0:00:00] Palov & Mishkin - Basking In the Ambience
[0:00:35] Jade - Music Slave
[0:02:27] Palov & Mishkin - Basking In the Ambience
[0:02:48] Caroline Crawford - Havin' Fun
[0:03:32] Brief Encounter - We Want To Play
[0:05:15] Le Frank 'O - Keep On Gettin' Down
[0:06:12] Brick - Brick City
[0:07:43] James Mason - Free
[0:10:16] Spaceark - Do What You Can Do
[0:10:55] GQ - It's Like That
[0:12:43] GQ - Wonderful
4. (10:58)
The Induction Of Hypnosis
[0:00:00] Sylvia Striplin - Toy Box
[0:02:00] Slave - I'll Be Gone
[0:03:51] Dolette McDonald - (Xtra) Special
[0:07:35] Change - Heaven of My Life
[0:09:32] The Jones Girls - Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah
5. (3:49)
To Withstand Privation, Torture And Coercion
[0:00:00] [unknown] Michelob Beer Commercial (Put a little weekend in your week)
[0:00:25] Crosstown Express - Just Keep The Funk
[0:02:37] Black Ivory - Our Future
[0:02:57] Crosstown Express - Just Keep The Funk
[0:03:08] Roy Ayers - Keep On Movin'
6. (5:32)
To Promote America
[0:00:00] Freedom - Dance Sing Along
[0:01:30] Junie Morrison - Super Spirit
[0:03:35] Archie Bell & The Drells - Don't Let Love Get You Down
7. (4:24)
May Result In Shock And Confusion
[0:00:00] ???? ????
[0:00:15] Earth Wind Fire - Brazilian Rhyme or Beijo
[0:01:00] Ca$hflow - Spending Money
[0:02:44] Bootsy's Rubber Band - Under The Influence of a Groove
8. (3:39)
To Produce "Pure" Euphoria
[0:00:00] Roy Ayers - Everybody
[0:00:59] Con Funk Shun - When The Feeling's Right
[0:01:45] Gwen McCrae - Feel So Good
[0:03:14] Bobby Lyle - Pisces
9. (10:21)
To Alter Personality Structure
[0:00:00] Ingram - We Like To Do It
[0:01:40] Freeez - Carribean Winter
[0:02:40] Michael Gregory Jackson - Risin' Up
[0:03:42] Harvey Mason - On and On
[0:06:27] Mutiny - The Ballad of Cap't. Hymbad
10th edition of Madlib Medicine Show, an 80-minute disco mixtape by Madlib.
Titling an album Black Soul is a risky move. Soul can mean anything, depending on who you’re talking to. And Black Soul – the name that adorned countless compilations the world over in the early 1970s – is generally used to refer to that specific breed of soul music that came to the fore when James Brown rocked a pompadour, and Aretha Franklin's weight was southward of 160 pounds. But leave it to Madlib to use the term Black Soul to refer to a dynamic point in the Black American musical experience – the mid to late 70s, when soul was giving way to disco, when the groove was on its way to the boogie, when funk was on it’s way to fonk. This is a mix that, like the previous entries in the Madlib Medicine Show, skirts convention while testing its listener's music acumen.

01. Тhe Lооp Diggа - Sоunds Of Тhе Studiо (Prеludе)
02. Тhе Prоfеssiоnаls (Маdlib & Oh Nо) - Hоld Up
03. Тhe Lооp Diggа - Hаndmаdе Hustlе (Instrumеntаl)
04. Тhе Prоfеssiоnаls (Маdlib & Oh Nо) - Stаrt Sumthin’ (Fеаt. Rоc C)
05. Guilty Simpsоn - Тhоughts Of An Old Flаmе
06. Тhe Lооp Diggа - Мinzе (Cоmе Clоsеr)
07. Маdlib - Lоudеr (Blаst Yоur Rаdiо Тhеmе)
08. Тhe Lооp Diggа - Тhе Ridе (Nightcоаstin’ Instrumеntаl)
09. A.G. - O.G. Pt. 1 (Whirlwind Мix)
10. Oh Nо - O.G. Pt. 2 (Undеrwаtеr Мix)
11. Frаnk Nitty - Stаgеridin’ (First Dеmо Dоublе Imаgе Мix)
12. Тhe Lооp Diggа - Lоvе/Hаtе (Instrumеntаl)
13. Strоng Arm Stеаdy - Lооsе Girl (Elеctrоnic Drunk Dеmоn Vеrsiоn)
14. Тhe Lооp Diggа - Smоkе Brеаk (Whоdаt?)
15. Suprеmе Теаm (Маdlib & Kаrriem Riggins) - Intеrviеw #4080
16. Тhe Lооp Diggа - Embryо Тhоught (Instrumеntаl)
17. Тhe Lооp Diggа - Тhе Advеnturеs Of Sоul Brа And Dоctа Dick’еm (Pts. 1 And 2)
18. МED - Chеаtеrs (Episоdе #3) (Fеаt. Pоkе)
19. Тhe Lооp Diggа - Intеrlibеrаtiоn (Intеrludе)
20. Тhe Lооp Diggа - Мic Chеck (Smоkе Brеаk II)
21. L.М.D. - Rеаl Таlk
22. Тhe Lооp Diggа - Тhе Sоund Of Chаmpiоns (Instrumеntаl)
23. Strоng Arm Stеаdy - Chаrliе Hustlе
24. Тhe Lооp Diggа - Girls (Prеludе)
25. Тhe Lооp Diggа - Sаmе
26. МED - Snаkеs 101
27. J Rоcc - Girls
28. J Rоcc - Uh (Outrо)
A 28-track hip-hop album of exclusive Madlib collabos w/ A.G., Guilty Simpson, MED, Oh No, Strong Arm Steady and others. Karriem Riggins pops in for a Supreme Team session, Madlib & Oh No debut The Professionals, and we hear a Jaylib-era track from their never-realized second album. Low Budget High Fi also contains several Loop Digga instrumentals and of course interludes, outerludes and probably quaaludes.

1: Intro
2: Capone-n-Noreaga
3: Inspectah Deck’s verse from 7L & Esoteric’s “Speaking Real Words” / Rae’s verse from Big Pun’s “Fire Water”
4: Q-Tip – For The Nasty
5: Interlude
6: Royce The 5’9 – Bustin
7: Interlude
8: Doom’s verse from De La Soul’s Roc Co Kane Flow
9: J Dilla – Let’s Take It Back
10: Remixes 2 Intro
11: Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz – Cross Bronx Expressway
12: Musiq Soulchild – Caught Up / Ghostface – Love Session
13: Frank N Dank – Ma Dukes
14: O-Solo – I’m A Monsta
15: Interlude
16: Clipse – Pussy
17: Skillz – Ya’ll Dont Wanna Do That
18: Interlude
19: Madlib – The Wigflip
20: Az – Never Change
21: Interlude
22: Royal Flush – Shines
23: Ghostface – Save Me Dear
24: Interlude
25: Phil Da Agony – Watch Out
26: Guilty Simpson (OJ Simpson) – Outside
27: QB’s Finest – Da Bridge 2001
28: Interlude
29: Cappadonna – Black Boy
30: Beanie Sigel – Wanted
31: Interlude
32: M.E.D. –
33: Kardinal Offishal – Belly Dancer
34: The Un – D.O.A.
35: Sadat X – verse from Diamond D’s “Feel It”
36: Interlude
37: Outro
Rounding out the 12-part Madlib Medicine Show series, Madlib flips the format with Raw Medicine: Madlib Remixes - part mixtape, part beat tape, featuring a host of un-suspecting collaborators that run the gamut from thugs, street poets, star emcees and underdogs. We ain't naming names. The show runs 60 minute with 30+ tracks.

01. Raw Medicine Track 01 (2:02)
02. Raw Medicine Track 02 (1:59)
03. Raw Medicine Track 03 (0:44)
04. Raw Medicine Track 04 (1:39)
05. Raw Medicine Track 05 (1:27)
06. Raw Medicine Track 06 (2:10)
07. Raw Medicine Track 07 (1:56)
08. Raw Medicine Track 08 (1:22)
09. Raw Medicine Track 09 (2:45)
10. Raw Medicine Track 10 (1:18)
11. Raw Medicine Track 11 (1:33)
12. Black Tape Track 01 (1:43)
13. Black Tape Track 02 (0:53)
14. Black Tape Track 03 (1:57)
15. Black Tape Track 04 (0:46)
16. Black Tape Track 05 (2:01)
17. Black Tape Track 06 (1:43)
18. Black Tape Track 07 (2:53)
19. Black Tape Track 08 (1:34)
20. Black Tape Track 09 (1:16)
21. Black Tape Track 10 (1:59)
Created specially for this fall's Medicine Show Tour, Medicine Show #12/13 is a single LP containing eleven tracks from Medicine Show #12 on side one, ten tracks from not-yet-released Medicine Show #13 on side two. Total running time: 37 minutes.
The covers are one-of-a-kind original artwork, silk screened by Hit+Run, with artwork by Jeff Jank & Gustavo Eandi. This is strictly limited to 1000 pieces and will not be released in standard-jacket format.

1:02 | 01. Intro
1:04 | 02. Skillz - Do It Real Big
1:44 | 03. Jadakiss - Run
0:53 | 04. GZA/Genius - When the Fat Lady Sings
3:07 | 05. 50 Cent - What Up Gangsta / Tony Touch, Large Professor & Pete Rock - Out da Box
1:20 | 06. Busta Rhymes - Get You Some
1:58 | 07. U.N. - Nothin' Lesser
2:29 | 08. Blaq Poet - A Message from Poet
2:21 | 09. Strong Arm Steady - Pressure
0:25 | 10. Interlude 1
0:42 | 11. M.E.D. - ???
2:02 | 12. Redman - ???
1:12 | 13. DOOM - Melody
1:44 | 14. Pharoahe Monch - **** You
2:18 | 15. Elite Terrorist - Wanna Battle
1:29 | 16. Interlude 2
1:01 | 17. Masta Ace - Out da Box
1:21 | 18. Vakill - Keep the Fame
0:57 | 19. Interlude 3
2:03 | 20. Strong Arm Steady - Chittlins & Pepsi
2:43 | 21. ??? - ???
1:19 | 22. Interlude 4
2:12 | 23. Montage - Larger Than Life
2:40 | 24. Common - The Sun God
2:29 | 25. Nas - Nas Is Like
1:27 | 26. Interlude 5
2:59 | 27. Organized Konfusion - Somehow, Someway
2:21 | 28. Frank Nitty - Jus' Follow
1:24 | 29. Interlude 6
2:17 | 30. Talib Kweli - Get By
2:16 | 31. Beat Junkies - Sick Days
1:21 | 32. Interlude 7
2:41 | 33. Eminem - Any Man / Capone-N-Noreaga - Closer
2:10 | 34. Interlude 8
2:45 | 35. Outro
Months ago when we dropped a hint that one more Madlib Medicine Show was to come, little did we know that the Madlib Invazion label would find itself dealing with the problem of one printing press after the next refusing to run the artwork. Some who have seen this artwork describe it as "mutant porn." Others simply shake their heads, set it down, wash their hands. Now that an offshore press specializing in "fringe adult publications" has taken the job, the 'secret Medicine Show' will finally be released on March 1st.
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