Second Person - Come To Dust (2011)

Second Person - Come To Dust (2011)

Artist: Second Person
Title Of Album: Come To Dust
Year Of Release: 2011-04-01
Genre: Trip-Hop / Electronic / Acid Jazz
Label: Silence Corporation
Quality: V0 kbps
Tracks: 13
Time: 47:07 min
Size: 75,5 MB
1. Gone Fishing 3:45
2. The Alphabet Song 4:07
3. Another Girlfriend 3:01
4. Paper Umbrella 4:17
5. Unretractable Facts 3:29
6. Play Fair 3:29
7. The Wishbone 3:59
8. Story With Only Two Characters 1:37
9. Spilt Milk 4:56
10. Moth To A Candle Flame 2:51
11. Four Leaf Clover 4:38
12. Shadow of A Doubt 2:32
13. Giant Steps (Bonus Track) 4:26
Second Person were a British band that existed for 10 years between 2001 and 2011 and mixed influences from trip hop, jazz, hip hop and electronica to form Post Trip Hop [1].
In late 2001, singer Julia Johnson and producer/bassist Mark Maclaine met, and early the following year formed the band Second Person. Drummer Álvaro López was recruited in mid 2004 to complete the final line up and their debut album Chromatography was released later that year. It went on to sell out of its initial white-label run in United Kingdom, USA and Australia through word of mouth and publicity generated by musical placements on documentaries and extreme sports films. The opening song "Too Cold To Snow" was later featured in the closing credits of 2006 film Dolls. The band went on to record a live DVD at The Bedford in London, score music for a number of British broadcasters (including BBC and Channel 4) and became one of the main suppliers of music for the international broadcaster: The Extreme Sports Channel.

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