Accra Trane Station - Meditations For John Coltrane (2007)

Accra Trane Station - Meditations For John Coltrane (2007)

Artist: Accra Trane Station
Title: Meditations For John Coltrane
Year Of Release: 2007
Label: VoxLox
Genre: Jazz, World Fusion
Quality: Mp3 320 kbps
Total Time: 01:08:11
Total Size: 158 Mb

1. Meditations, 1 10:09
2. Meditations, 2 07:24
3. Meditations, 3 10:52
4. Meditations, 4 05:49
5. Meditations, 5 08:28
6. Meditations, 6 07:22
7. Meditations, 7 04:01
8. Meditations, 8 05:20
9. Meditations, 9 08:38
Nii Noi Nortey - Alto Saxophone
Nii Otoo Annan - Double Gyili, Cymbals
Steven Feld - Ashiwa
From Ghana, a 40th anniversary tribute to John Coltrane's jazz classic, Meditations, featuring the "afrifones" of Nii Noi Nortey.
Nii Otoo Annan and I first met Steven Feld, whom we call “Prof,” in 2004 during his first visit to Ghana. He came to my home in Accra to listen to us play and gave us some of his recordings. That afternoon we discovered that John Coltrane held a similar place in our hearts. Coltrane’s music moved us both as young men and has stayed with us throughout our lives as musicians and researchers into the powers of sound. I told Prof how happy I was to welcome a man from Philadelphia, John Coltrane’s city.
Prof recorded some of our music that afternoon. When the CD with his editing arrived back in Accra (later published on The Time of Bells, 3: Musical Bells of Accra, VoxLox 2005) I knew we would start to work together seriously. From there it didn’t take long to come up with the plan to pay African respects to John Coltrane on the 40th anniversaries of A Love Supreme and Meditations. Prof returned to Accra in 2005 and together with Agazi, a local engineer, we helped him fashion a home studio where we gathered regularly. By the last session we even managed to get Prof unhooked from his headphones to join us on the ashiwa, our box bass.
In 2006 Prof came back to Accra for a sustained visit, and having refined his ashiwa skills, we invited his full participation in our performances and recording sessions. When he departed for Europe some months later, Prof told us that he was taking the tracks to the studio of an old friend in Paris, someone whose ears we all could really trust. How true! Jean Schwarz, thank you for joining the band.
So now, across continents, Accra Trane Station offers you these Meditations as a song of praise and African homecoming, in humble acknowledgement of John Coltrane’s ongoing inspiration. --Nii Noi Nortey

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