Rob Juice - BadBoy Love

Rob Juice - BadBoy Love

  • Genre: Jazz, Smooth Jazz
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Artist: Rob Juice
Title Of Album: BadBoy Love
Year Of Release: 2008
Genre: Jazz / Contemporary Jazz / Smooth Jazz
Bitrate: VBRkbps / 44.1Khz / Joint-Stereo
Total Time: 39:40 min
Total Size: 48.6 MB
01.Never Fall Down
02.Juicy Kiss
03.Body Language
04.Juice in the Mornin
05.Badboy Love
06.Nature Juice
07.Never Far Away
08.Juice on the Sparks
09.The way of the World
When an album brings a huge smile to your face in 10 seconds or less, you've got JUICE!. Again In an unprecedented way, Rob Juice's "BadBoy Love" has that ‘one hear appeal. That special something we look for in today’s Soulful Jazz music.
This CD will leave you Feeling like you just Dipped in something Hot, Dryed off in something Cool and layed out on something wonderful. Juice calls it 'SENSUAL JAZZ' WOW!
Special Note# The exclusivity of Rob Juice's unique Music writing style affords him the luxury of creating his own genre with absolute privacy! And believe me; NOBODY’S DOING the "Devilishly Sensual Jazz" Thang! NOBODY!!!!
Juice is flirtatiously true to the Miles Davis tradition of trumpet players that custom create their own genres rather than fit into one! Juice says he writes Music in Color and Blurs the line between ART, Jazz and R&B.. Super WOW!
So just sit back and dissolve yourself in your Chair and think of TASTE..
Taste?... Yes TASTE ..
'MUSIC YOU CAN TASTE' Taste the moist lips of Chicago’s newest and hottest Jazz Artist to come out in a long time.
When Juice confesses he will make his horn beg, trust me, you have never heard anyone beg so sensually sweet as he blows his circle breath of passion into every silky note of each track....But wait, he sings too! Not since the erotic falsetto of Prince that dives effortlessly into the throaty bass regions of vocal range, have I been awakened and aroused by any musician attempting to create and command their own music genre.
Rob Juice has that special something that is as recognizable as deep tan lines on the best body found under the melting sun.
Want to know more but afraid to ask?
Here we go!
His songs. ((((((( Sensual Jazz ))))))))
Track #1 "Never Fall Down" seizes you up the moment the Beat begins and it never forgetting his Jazz Lover audiences who can't make the transition from Smooth Jazz to Nu-jazz, let me reassure you this point - you will only order you Jazz from the Juice bar.
Track #2 ‘Juicy Kiss’ Will beads up the sweat above your Lips reminiscent of love taps poured out over and over when you were Young and in love.. Sade did this song first. Need i say more? and Juice Nailed it! If everyone understood the Real nature of a Kiss they would make every lover kiss a Juicy Kiss from now on.
Track #3 "Body Language" is a reminiscent journey of the unspoken. The Science of the Body, The words you get unspoken emotion. Now that you're finished dissolving your inhibitions you better know you deserve more than the silent treatment. Smooth jazz lovers don't despair Juice quenches your thirst with a move over mellow melody that wraps around you like warm thighs in the Mornin .
Track #4 "Juice in the Mornin" will get you up and out of Bed with a Smile on your face. AL JARREAU did this song first and Juice did it as a Smooth Jazz Tonic with a Twist of Drums that is embellished with horn lines that set the Tone for Rob Juices Early morning listeners. This is where I'm going to have to insist that only the high rollers pull up to the table, and negotiate this phenomenal talent.
Track #5 "Badboy Love" will be the hottest new CD on the shelves, because his appeal is locked in to a devilishly new sensual genre. By the way, this IS a 'Lovers" CD in case you are wondering; not explicit, but incorrigible and written at Mild Badboy Strength.( Badboy II coming in 2009 at x-factor Strength)
Track #6 "Nature Juice" as spoken through the soulful horn and saline sound that purifies the truth from apocryphal cliché', then Juice professes the raw truth, this world is Wild and untamed and Nature Rules
Track #7 "Never Far away" is a simply beautiful love song that is embellished with heartfelt provoking messages that opens Juice listeners to a rhapsodic romantic confession that lets us peek into the heart of the Juice mystique.
Track #8 "Juice on the Sparks" is a jazz tonic that is taken best by those who appreciate the dexterity of trumpet players. A true declaration of Rob Juice's mastery on the horn can be observed when elevating your expectation to embrace his wave of Miles Davis madness mingled with Maynard Ferguson frenzy. My advice is, don't exit this experience without wading into the complexity of the “Juice” art deco design.
Track #9 "The way of the world" So pick up the phone cradled next to you and ask the world!! "Where is this world going' Quench your thirst NOW with this delicious scorching Jazz artist that blurs the lines between Jazz and R&B as smooth as vapor in the wind. You are Free to feel the hot Juicy kisses and power hugs that fill the air whenever you have your Juice is on.
You have got to know that you have just tripped over a Juicy diamond waiting to be plucked from the ground. Juice is the juiciest example of an evolutionary category introducing an avant-garde marriage between Nu-soul, R&B and Nu-Jazz. Writing and producing love songs with "fire"? YES .. I just gotta genuflect, bless him, and sing in tongues all at the same time while rolling over onto my stomach to even out my copper shine! With all the great preachers of passion like Barry White, Luther Vandross, and Marvin Gaye doing the heavenly hook-up with heroes of the sacred horn like Armstrong, Miles and Sweets, I'm not mad that Juice is the object of their everlasting empowering affection from Miles Davis Lovers World wide.

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