Mouse on the Keys - The Flowers of Romance (2015) 320 kbps

Mouse on the Keys - The Flowers of Romance (2015) 320 kbps

  • Genre: Jazz, Nu Jazz
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Artist: Mouse on the Keys
Title Of Album: The Flowers of Romance
Year Of Release: 2015
Label: mule musiq
Genre: Jazz, Nu Jazz
Quality: MP3
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Total Time: 37:23
Total Size: 101 mb
01. I Shut My Eyes In Order To See
02. Leviathan
03. Reflexion
04. Obsession
05. The Lonely Crowd
06. Mirror Of Nature
07. Hilbert Dub
08. Dance Of Life
09. The Flowers Of Romance
10. Le Gibet
Post-rock band representing Japan, mouse on the keys, 6 years and become the long-awaited second album finished!
This album is a release since the mini album released in 2012 "machinic phylum", release indeed six years as a full album.
's Popular all over the world to become the Japan of electronic music label "mule musiq" long-awaited release from.
Members of the post-hardcore / post-rock band "nine days wonder" Kawasaki, mouse on the keys consisting of a new cut in Kiyota is, while this number of works that was released to the small, from the musical core fans, the musicians and the music industry Many of the known by having a fan, has been highly appreciated Japan highest peak of the post-rock band. Since its formation in 2006, aggressive, but it will remain more work now tinged Enjukumi is no longer developed into a next level that do not fit in the framework of post-rock.
Contemporary music collage sound on the album opened the curtain, thrilling and an emotional, "Korezo mouse on the keys" and said the sound of music "leviathan" was also used in MV in the preceding publication, the album of highlights 1 songs. While jazz rock connotation is strong, electric texture and nostalgic melody to make glimpse occasionally, free keys Toranpe~tsu bets is reminiscent of Miles Davis Electric-life original "reflection", and contemporary music such as the initial oval specific drone that is sandwiched between the Interlude, turn from the Intro of uplifting feeling full of drum and piano, mid-tempo to free jazz and going to expand "the lonely crowd," where recent ambient color is strong cinema that it can be said that their new ground tick jazz rock "mirror of nature", in 1940 to John Cage is a unique heavy drum sounds ensemble and prepaid piano was invented as a substitute for percussion "hilbert dub", reminiscent of the bill evans masterpieces "peace piece" beautiful piano song "dance of life" to be, this album is the title track mouse on the keys flow-based music and say thrilling drum and strings of the ensemble "the flowers of romance", and, largest in the work of Maurice label cover from the "night of Gaspard," which is said to Nankyoku decorate the last album. Called "gallows to hang prisoners of carcasses was hearing representation of the eerie scene that is lit by the setting sun", while indescribably creepy work, sustained bass and mouse on the keys of a heavy drum sound of this work, sensual a piano, cover noise is blend together, is said to rarely seen excellent cover, I would say a masterpiece worthy to decorate the last album.
This album, in early September in Japan, Europe, has also decided analog release in North America. (google)

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