Carbon Based Lifeforms - World Of Sleepers (2006)

Carbon Based Lifeforms - World Of Sleepers (2006)

Artist: Carbon Based Lifeforms
Title Of Album: World Of Sleepers
Year Of Release: 2006
Label: Ultimae Records
Genre: Electronic, Acid, Downtempo, Ambient
Quality: 320 | FLAC (tracks,log)
Total Time: 79:35
Total Size: 183 | 371 Mb
12. Abiogenesis 6:37
13. Vortex 5:55
14. Photosynthesis 5:41
15. Set Theory 6:41
16. Gryning 6:19
17. Transmission / Intermission 4:28
18. World Of Sleepers 5:17
19. Proton / Electron 6:44
20. Erratic Patterns 6:55
21. Flytta Dig 5:09
22. Betula Pendula 10:40
The music on this album is best described at of looking at pictures and imagining the vastness of space and the ocean below it. The millions of separate galaxies floating endlessly through the emptiness of it all. Nothing for light years but the beautiful colors and noiselessness of nothing as time has virtually disappeared. It’s an album for listening in the middle of the night with rain gently pattering the roof above you. It’s not meant for mere listening or background music that would be a disgrace to it but as a full listening experience. This album is what high quality sound systems are made for, the near endlessness of its misty textures and beatless sound hang in the air as if never finding a place to rest. Soft melodies and an endless pool of layers are actuated by the synth driven beats and drums.
Instead of individual songs, the soundscape of it all seem to be one endless array of sound that drifts through the album as if swimming in the vast ocean. Not a single singable melody on the entire album, it is what ambient music is made for, thinking. While listening to the album one may imagine images and feelings never thought of. At 80 minutes long it may seem to be overly endless especially to be able to stay in state long enough for an entire listen, but the patience rewarded. Ambient at its finest, this is a direct sequel to their first album, ‘Hydroponic Garden’ with the track numbers starting right were its predecessor left off.
The complexity and sound of it all assures it will never be very popular but a perfect gold for anyone who happens to strike upon it. It’s an album that may change the way you think or feel about the world and will convey a sense of peace never thought of before.
The artwork seems to fit the music very well and it’s an album I do recommend buying. I bought the album when it was first released (back in December) and they sent two sticks of incense and a handwritten card noting a ‘Thank You’
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