Lauge Baba Gnohm - Monolith 2009 EP

Lauge Baba Gnohm - Monolith 2009 EP

  • Genre: Downtempo, Ambient
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  • Album Size: 1841 mb.
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Artist: Lauge & Baba Gnohm
Title Of Album: Monolith
Year Of Release: 2009
Label: Chillbase
Genre: Ambient, PsyChill, Downtempo
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Source: CD
Total Time: 36:20 min
Total Size: 83.55 MB
1. Leaving The Cave 9:24
2. Structures 8:48
3. Verdens Storste Satellit 10:08
4. Beyond The Peak 8:00
Since March of 2008 Henrik Laugesen and Kalle Christensen have been nurturing their collaboration: The Lauge & Baba Gnohm. Now, from the darkness emerges into the light, a cloud busting creation. A synthesis of misty morning Ambient plateaus with Dub and Downtempo Breaks as tribal worshipers. In their release of Monolith EP, Lauge and Baba invite you to enter this new world outside of the cave.
The warm reverberations of the sunshine and the gently running water lure you towards the entrance. Voices of the earth sing out as the clouds above you rapidly move across the sky making you feel, as you are looking up, in a state of motion. ‘Leaving the Cave’, you move out into the day. A dub bass line and shuffled drum beat fade in, resonating through the dirt and stone. Gentle melodies speak of the dance between earth and heaven as the new world spirals and moves around you, caressing you as it drifts away.
Panning across the land, in the distance arises dominating ‘Structures’. Megaliths still standing from the birth of the planet; electro magnetic conduits of power building up around you as you approach the energetic crossroads. Breaks and gentle bells over a rolling bass pour forth as the ley lines expel increasingly bouncy pianos. Elastic acid repelled by the pianos as the electricity fades.
Fading in from around the horizon floating high above in geosynchronous orbit is the ‘Verdens Største Satelit’. Ambience builds as the signals to and fro begin to increase, psychedelic Morris code for the depths of your consciousness. For a brief moment the communication stops and resumes again with bouncy breaks. A second time the activity begins to die out, IDM breaks give way to the beeping sound of the transmitter and distorted voices. Bursting out with a full Downtempo the satellite goes into overdrive until it passes between the Sun and Earth fading around the horizon.
Deep rez drones ominously float past as your field of vision moves ‘Beyond The Peak’. Atop the great Monolith you see an ancient world lost to time for millennia. A forlorn string riff jumps into a groovy broken glitch beat. The rocks call to you, sharing their existence with you through the ghostly melody as the track moves in and out of the pillars fading and building like the structures around you. Creeping away into the mist the ghostly figures gives way to silence.

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