Isao Tomita - SACD Collection (1974-2016)

Isao Tomita - SACD Collection (1974-2016)

Artist: Isao Tomita
Title: SACD Collection
Year Of Release: 1974-2016
Genre: Ambient, New Age, Electronic, Classical
Quality: SACD ( Image.iso)
Total Time: 8 Albums
Total Size: 25,1 Gb

Isao Tomita (冨田 勲 Tomita Isao?, 22 April 1932 – 5 May 2016), often known simply as Tomita, was a Japanese music composer, regarded as one of the pioneers of electronic music and space music, and as one of the most famous producers of analog synthesizer arrangements. In addition to creating note-by-note realizations, Tomita made extensive use of the sound design capabilities of his instrument, using synthesizers to create new sounds to accompany and enhance his electronic realizations of acoustic instruments. He also made effective use of analog music sequencers and the Mellotron and featured futuristic science fiction themes, while laying the foundations for synth-pop music and trance-like rhythms. Many of his albums are electronic versions and adaptations of famous classical music pieces, and he received four Grammy Award nominations for his 1974 album Snowflakes Are Dancing.
1974 - Clair de Lune {Ultimate edition}
1975 - Moussorgsky-Tomita: Pictures At An Exhibition {Ultimate Edition}
1977 - Planets {Ultimate Edition}
1990 - The Tale Of Genji, Symphonic Fantasy {Ultimate Edition}
2011 - Planet Zero
2013 - Symphony Ihatov
2015 - Space Fantasy
2016 - Okhotsk Fantasy
1974 - Clair de Lune {Ultimate edition}
01. The Snow is Dancing
02. Whistle and Chime
03. Arebesque 1
04. Clair de Lune
05. Jardins sous la pluie
06. Des pas sur la neige
07. La cathedrale engloutie
08. Arebesque 2
09. Reverie
10. La fille aux cheveux de lin
11. Passepied
12. Golliwogg's Cakewalk
13. Nuages
1975 - Moussorgsky-Tomita: Pictures At An Exhibition {Ultimate Edition}
01. Pictures At An Exhibition: Promenade; Gnomes
02. Pictures At An Exhibition: Promenade; The Old Castle
03. Pictures At An Exhibition: Promenade; Tuileries
04. Pictures At An Exhibition: Bydlo
05. Pictures At An Exhibition: Promenade; Ballet Of The Chicks In Their Shell
06. Pictures At An Exhibition: Samuel Goldenberg And Schmuyle
07. Pictures At An Exhibition: The Market Place At Limoges
08. Pictures At An Exhibition: Catacombs
09. Pictures At An Exhibition: Con Mortuis In Lingua Mortua
10. Pictures At An Exhibition: The Hut Of Baba Yaga
11. Pictures At An Exhibition: The Great Gate At Kiev
12. Sheherazade
13. The Sea Named 'Solaris'
1977 - Planets {Ultimate Edition}
01. Mars
02. Venus
03. Mercury
04. Jupiter
05. Itokawa and Hayabusa
06. Saturn
07. Uranus - Neptune
1990 - The Tale Of Genji, Symphonic Fantasy {Ultimate Edition} 5.0*
01. Tsuide No Kyoku
02. Sakura No Kisetsu, Oukyuu No Hibi
03. Fuji Tsubo He No Shibo
04. Miya No Go Tobari Dai
05. Teien
06. Kangen No O Asobi
07. Yononaka Ha
08. Kitayama No Jiin
09. Utsukushii Doujo Wakamurasaki
10. Aoi No Ue
11. Roku Jou No Miyasundokoro
12. Toki Ou No Gyouretsu Sha Arasoi
13. Ikiryou
01. Onna Sannomiya
02. Fuji Tsubo O Omou
03. Miyasundokoro No Shiryou
04. Murasaki No Ue Banka
05. Uta 'uki Yo Ni Ha'
06. Ukifune
07. Shukke No Fue
08. Futatabi Otozureru Haru
09. Shuukyoku Heike No Yo He
2011 - Planet Zero
01. Reincarnation (Itokawa and Hayabusa)
02. Eternity ("Liebestod" from "Tristan und Isolde")
03. Mars
04. Venus
05. Mercury
06. Jupiter
07. Rising Sun
08. Saturn
2013 - Symphony Ihatov
01. Symphony Ihatov: Iwatesan No Ohwashi (Taneyamagahara No Bokka)
02. Symphony Ihatov: Kenbai/Hoshimeguri No Uta
03. Symphony Ihatov: Chuumon No Ooi Ryoriten
04. Symphony Ihatov: Kaze No Matasaburou
05. Symphony Ihatov: Gingatetsudou No Yoru
06. Symphony Ihatov: Ame Nimo Makezu
07. Symphony Ihatov: Iwatesan No Oowashi (Taneyamagahara No Bokka)
08. Ribon No Kishi
09. Aoi Chikyu Wa Darenomono
2015 - Space Fantasy
01. Space Fantasy 2015 (Sibelius/Wagner)
02. The Unanswered Question (Ives)
03. Pacific 231 (Honegger)
04. Star Wars - Main Theme (J.Williams)
05. The Song of Venus - Violin Concerto No.1: Andantino (Prokofiev)
06. The Dazzling Bright Cylindrical Object Which Had Crashed Into Tunguska, Siberia - Symphony No.6: Allegro Moderato (Prokofiev)
07. Aranjuez - Concierto de Aranjuez: adagio (Rodrigo)
08. Solvejg's Song from 'Peer Gynt' (Grieg)
09. Hora Staccato (Dinicu - Heifetz)
10. Prelude a L'apres-midi d'un faune (Debussy)
11. A Night on Bald Mountain (Mussorgsky)
2016 - Okhotsk Fantasy
01. Okhotsk Fantasy
02. Pavane Pour Une Infante Défunte
03. Ma Mere L'Oye Suite: Pavane De La Belle Au Bois Dormant
04. Petite Poucet
05. Laideronette, Impératrice Des Pagodes
06. Les Entretiens De La Belle Et La Bête
07. Le Jardin Feerique
08. Symphonic Poem For Children 'Night On The Milky Way Train'

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