Colin Davis - Weber: Der Freischutz (2013) HD Tracks

Colin Davis - Weber: Der Freischutz (2013) HD Tracks

Artist: Colin Davis
Title: Weber: Der Freischutz
Year Of Release: 2013
Label: LSO Live
Genre: Classical
Quality: FLAC {Tracks, 24bit/96kHz}
Total Time: 02:02:34 min
Total Size: 2,12 Gb

This recording was made in April 2012 from a pair of live performances of Carl Maria von Weber's Der Freischütz at London's Barbican, and just a year later the great British conductor Colin Davis was dead at 85. The continuing high quality of his music-making in old age, in something as taxing as a full-length operatic score, deserves study in itself, and this release, apparently the last of his numerous operatic recordings (including at least one other Der Freischütz), is certainly a worthy conclusion to the oeuvre. The London Symphony Orchestra is putty in Davis' hands, and they create a warm, magical tone that is of the essence of the pure German Romanticism of this superantural-themed opera. Davis' approach is quite deliberate as to tempo, and the singers, including Simon O'Neill as the titular "free-shooter," Christine Brewer as Agathe, and Sally Matthews as Ännchen, seem taxed occasionally, but all are attuned to the moods of the work. Those moods may seem to shift abruptly inasmuch as the spoken dialogue is cut, presumably to fit the entire opera on a pair of CDs. Just as the CD made concert-length programs of instrumental music possible, new models of digital distribution ought to enable musicians to present operas in full. But these are small complaints, and this is a solid note on which to bring down the curtain on Davis' remarkable career. The LSO Live label's sound is never less than clear.
Disc 1
1. Der Freischütz: Overture
2. Der Freischütz, Act I: Introduction - "Victoria!"
3. Der Freischütz, Act I: Terzett mit Chor - "O! diese Sonne"
4. Der Freischütz, Act I: Scene, Walzer und Arie - "Nein! Langer trag' ich nicht die Qualen"
5. Der Freischütz, Act I: Lied - "Hier im ird'schen Jammerthal"
6. Der Freischütz, Act I: Arie - "Schweig'!"
7. Der Freischütz, Act II: Duett - "Schelm! halt fest!"
8. Der Freischütz, Act II: Ariette - "Kommt ein schlanker Bursch gegangen"
9. Der Freischütz, Act II: Scene und Arie - "Wie nahte mir der Schlummer"
10. Der Freischütz, Act II: Terzett - "Wie? Was? Entsetzen!"
Disc 2
1. Der Freischütz, Act II: Finale - "Die Wolfsschlucht"
2. Der Freischütz, Act III: Entre-Acte
3. Der Freischütz, Act III: Cavatine - "Und ob die Wolke sie verhulle"
4. Der Freischütz, Act III: Romanze und Arie - "Einst traumte meiner sel'gen Base"
5. Der Freischütz, Act III: Volkslied - "Wir winden dir den Jungfernkranz"
6. Der Freischütz, Act III: Jagerchor - "Was gleicht wohl auf Erden"
7. Der Freischütz, Act III: Finale - "Schaut, o schaut!"

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