Sir Colin Davis, London Symphony Orchestra - Sir Colin Davis Anthology (2014) 8xSACD

Sir Colin Davis, London Symphony Orchestra - Sir Colin Davis Anthology (2014) 8xSACD

Artist: Sir Colin Davis, London Symphony Orchestra
Title: Sir Colin Davis Anthology
Year Of Release: 2014
Label: LSO Live
Genre: Classical
Quality: SACD (DSD64 2.0, DST64 5.1; Image (ISO))
Total Size: 23,04 Gb

This limited edition box set is a unique collection of 13-discs is the 100th release on LSO Live. The collection pays tribute to not only Sir Colin’s work with LSO Live, but more specifically his relationship with the London Symphony Orchestra through the decades, until his death in April 2013.
The collection features previously unreleased material from the LSO Live archive, including two much loved recordings on high-resolution SACD Hybrid for the first time - Dvorak Symphony No 9 and Berlioz Symphonie fantastique. Never before seen private correspondence and photos from Sir Colin’s archives accompany the discs.
Disc 1 (Stereo)
Berlioz: Symphonie fantastique; Les francs-juges (Overture)

01] Symphonie fantastique: i. Reveries - Passions
02] Symphonie fantastique: ii. Un bal
03] Symphonie fantastique: iii. Scene aux champs
04] Symphonie fantastique: iv. Marche au supplice
05] Symphonie fantastique: v. Songe d'une nuit de sabbat
06] Overture: Beatrice et Benedict
Disc 2 (Stereo and multichannel)
Berlioz: Te Deum

01] Overture: Les francs-juges
02] Te Deum: i. Te Deum
03] Te Deum: ii. Tibi omnes
04] Te Deum: iii. Dignare
05] Te Deum: iv. Christe, Rex gloriae
06] Te Deum: v. Te ergo quaesumus
07] Te Deum: vi. Judex crederis
Disc 4 (Stereo)
Dvorak: Symphony No 9

01] i. Adagio - Allegro molto
02] ii. Largo
03] iii. Scherzo: Molto vivace - Poco sostenuto
04] iv. Allegro con fuoco
Disc 5 (Stereo and multichannel)
Sibelius: Oceanides; Symphony No 2; Pohjola’s Daughter

01] Pohjola's Daughter
02] Symphony No 2: i. Allegretto
03] Symphony No 2: ii. Tempo andante, ma rubato
04] Symphony No 2: iii. Vivacissimo
05] Symphony No 2: iv. Finale: Allegro moderato
Disc 6 (Stereo and multichannel)
Vaughan Williams: Symphony No 4

01] The Oceanides
02] Symphony No 4: i. Allegro
03] Symphony No 4: ii. Andante moderato
04] Symphony No 4: iii. Scherzo: Allegro molto
05] Symphony No 4: iv. Finale con epilogo fugato: Allegro molto
Disc 7 (Stereo and multichannel)
Elgar: Enigma Variations; Introduction & Allegro (stereo and multichannel)

01] Enigma Variations: i. Theme
02] Enigma Variations: ii. Variation I - CAE
03] Enigma Variations: iii. Variation II - HDS-P
04] Enigma Variations: iv. Variation III - RBT
05] Enigma Variations: v. Variation IV - WMB
06] Enigma Variations: vi. Variation V - RPA
07] Enigma Variations: vii. Variation VI - Ysobel
08] Enigma Variations: viii. Variation VII - Troyte
09] Enigma Variations: ix. Variation VIII - WN
10] Enigma Variations: x. Variation IX - Nimrod
11] Enigma Variations: xi. Variation X - Dorabella
12] Enigma Variations: xii. Variation XI - GRS
13] Enigma Variations: xiii. Variation XII - BGN
14] Enigma Variations: xiv. Variation XIII - ***
15] Enigma Variations: xv. Variation XIV - EDU
16] Introduction and Allegro for Strings
Disc 8 (Stereo and multichannel)
Tippett: A Child of our Time

01] i. No 1 The world turns on its dark side
02] ii. No 2 The Argument - Man has measured the heavens
03] iii. Interludium
04] iv. No 3 Scene - Is evil then good?
05] v. No 4 Now in each nation
06] vi. No 5 Chorus of the Oppressed - When shall the userers' city cease
07] vii. No 6 I have no money for my bread
08] viii. No 7 How can I cherish my man in such days
09] ix. No 8 A Spiritual - Steal Away
10] x. No 9 A star rises in mid-winter
11] xi. No 10 And a time came
12] xii. No 11 Chorus of Persecutors and Persecuted - Away with them!
13] xiii. No 12 Where they could, they fled
14] xiv. No 13 Chorus of the Self-righteous - We cannot have them in our Empire
15] xv. No 14 And the boy's mother wrote a letter
16] xvi. No 15 Scene - O my son!
17] xvii. No 16 A Spiritual - Nobody knows the trouble I see, Lord
18] xviii. No 17 Scene - The boy becomes desperate in his agony
19] xix. No 18 They took a terrible vengeance
20] xx. No 19 The Terror - Burn down their houses!
21] xxi. No 20 Men were ashamed of what was done
22] xxii. No 21 A Spiritual of Anger - Go down, Moses
23] xxiii. No 22 The boy sings in his prison
24] xxiv. No 23 What have I done to you, my son?
25] xxv. No 24 The dark forces rise like a flood
26] xxvi. No 25 A Spiritual - O, by and by
27] xxvii. No 26 The cold deepens
28] xxviii. No 27 The soul of man
29] xxix. No 28 Scene - The words of wisdom are these
30] xxx. Praeludium
31] xxxi. No 29 General Ensemble - I would know my shadow and my light
32] xxxii. No 30 A Spiritual - Deep river
Disc 9 (Stereo and multichannel)
Walton: Belshazzar’s Feast; Symphony No 1 (stereo and multichannel)

01] Belshazzar's Feast: i. "Thus spake Isaiah"
02] Belshazzar's Feast: ii. A tempo - "If I forget thee"
03] Belshazzar's Feast: iii. "By the waters of Babylon"
04] Belshazzar's Feast: iv. "Babylon was a great city"
05] Belshazzar's Feast: v. "Praise ye the god of Gold!"
06] Belshazzar's Feast: vi. Allegro molto - "Thus in Babylon"
07] Belshazzar's Feast: vii. "Thou, O King, art King of Kings"
08] Belshazzar's Feast: viii. "And in that same hour"
09] Belshazzar's Feast: ix. "The trumpeters and pipers"
10] Belshazzar's Feast: x. Allegro - "Then sing aloud to God our strength"
11] Symphony No 1: i. Allegro assai
12] Symphony No 1: ii. Scherzo: Presto, con malizia
13] Symphony No 1: iii. Andante con malinconia
14] Symphony No 1: iv. Maestoso - Brioso ed ardentemente - Vivacissimo - Maestoso

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