Scott Walker - In 5 Easy Pieces (2003)

Scott Walker - In 5 Easy Pieces (2003)

Artist: Scott Walker
Title: In 5 Easy Pieces
Year Of Release: 2003
Label: Mercury
Genre: Chanson, Modern Classical, Avantgarde, Vocal, Art Rock, Acoustic, Experimental
Quality: Flac (tracks)
Total Time: 05:49:28
Total Size: 1,91 Gb

In My Room - The Complete Bedsit Dramas, Including The Kitchen Sink
–Scott Walker Prologue / Little Things 3:40
–The Walker Brothers I Don't Want To Hear It Anymore 3:45
–The Walker Brothers In My Room 2:33
–The Walker Brothers After The Lights Go Out 4:07
–The Walker Brothers Archangel 3:42
–The Walker Brothers Orpheus 3:25
–Scott Walker Mrs. Murphy 3:20
–Scott Walker Montague Terrace (In Blue) 3:27
–Scott Walker Such A Small Love 4:53
–Scott Walker The Amorous Humphrey Plugg 4:30
–Scott Walker It's Raining Today 3:59
–Scott Walker Rosemary 3:21
–Scott Walker Big Louise 3:08
–Scott Walker Angels Of Ashes 4:20
–Scott Walker Hero Of The War 2:25
–Scott Walker Time Operator 3:37
–Scott Walker Joe 3:40
–Scott Walker The War Is Over (Sleepers-Epilogue) 3:37
Where's The Girl? - Songs Of A Lady, Love And Loss
–The Walker Brothers Where's The Girl? 3:11
–The Walker Brothers You're All Around Me 2:37
–The Walker Brothers Just Say Goodbye 3:37
–The Walker Brothers Hurting Each Other 2:43
–The Walker Brothers Genevieve 2:51
–The Walker Brothers Once Upon A Summertime 3:51
–Scott Walker When Joanna Loved Me 3:08
–Scott Walker Joanna 3:52
–Scott Walker Angelica 4:01
–Scott Walker Always Coming Back To You 2:36
–Scott Walker The Bridge 2:48
–Scott Walker Best Of Both Worlds 3:14
–Scott Walker Two Weeks Since You've Been Gone 2:46
–Scott Walker On Your Own Again 1:45
–Scott Walker Someone Who Cared 2:57
–Esther Ofarim Long About Now 2:06
–Ute Lemper Scope J 10:50
–Ute Lemper Lullaby (By-by-by) 11:06
An American In Europe - Home And Away: Songs From Europe And America
Part One: Europe
–Scott Walker Jackie 3:22
–Scott Walker Mathilde 2:37
–Scott Walker The Girls And The Dogs 3:08
–Scott Walker Amsterdam 3:04
–Scott Walker Next 2:49
–Scott Walker The Girls From The Streets 4:09
–Scott Walker My Death 4:56
–Scott Walker Sons Of 3:43
–Scott Walker If You Go Away 4:59
–Scott Walker Copenhagen 2:24
Part Two: America
–Scott Walker We Came Through 1:56
–Scott Walker 30 Century Man 1:28
–Scott Walker Rhymes Of Goodbye 3:05
–Scott Walker Thanks For Chicago Mr. James 2:16
–Scott Walker Cowbells Shakin' 1:05
–Scott Walker My Way Home 3:29
–The Walker Brothers Lines 3:27
–Scott Walker Rawhide 3:56
–Scott Walker Blanket Roll Blues 3:13
–Scott Walker Tilt 5:05
–Scott Walker Patriot 8:01
This Is How You Disappear - The Darkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn: 15 Big Hits
–Scott Walker The Plague 3:34
–Scott Walker Plastic Palace People 6:05
–Scott Walker Boy Child 3:37
–The Walker Brothers The Shut Out 2:47
–The Walker Brothers Fat Mama Kick 2:52
–The Walker Brothers Nite Flights 4:21
–The Walker Brothers The Electrician 6:02
–Scott Walker Dealer 5:09
–Scott Walker Track 3 3:43
–Scott Walker Sleepwalkers Woman 4:12
–Scott Walker Track 5 3:32
–Scott Walker Farmer In The City 6:35
–Scott Walker The Cockfighter 5:59
–Scott Walker Bouncer See Bouncer 8:34
–Scott Walker Face On Breast 5:15
Scott On Screen - Music From And For Films
–Scott Walker Light 3:21
–The Walker Brothers Deadlier Than The Male 2:32
–Scott Walker The Rope And The Colt 2:01
–Scott Walker Meadow 1:24
–Scott Walker The Seventh Seal 4:58
–Scott Walker The Darkest Forest 5:45
–Scott Walker The Ballad Of Sacco And Vanzetti 3:32
–Scott Walker The Summer Knows 3:20
–Scott Walker Glory Road 3:33
–Scott Walker Isabel 6:40
–Scott Walker Man From Reno 4:22
–Scott Walker The Church Of The Apostles 5:51
–Scott Walker Indecent Sacrifice 4:08
–Scott Walker Bombupper 0:52
–Scott Walker I Threw It All Away 2:21
–Scott Walker River Of Blood 1:26
–Scott Walker Only Myself To Blame 3:38
–Scott Walker Running 1:44
–Scott Walker The Time Is Out Of Joint! 1:10
–Scott Walker Never Again 1:27
–Scott Walker Closing 1:54

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