Nebelung - Palingenesis (2014)

Nebelung - Palingenesis (2014)

Artist: Nebelung
Title: Palingenesis
Year Of Release: 2014
Label: Temple of Forturous
Genre: Dark Folk, Acoustic, Neofolk, Neoclassical
Quality: 320 / FLAC (tracks.cue.log)
Total Time: 50:10
Total Size: 115 / 260 Mb


01. Mittwinter (06:01)
02. Polaris (07:11)
03. Nachtgewalt (06:43)
04. Aufgang (06:21)
05. Wandlung (14:31)
06. Innerlichkeit (09:21)

Listening to dark folk project Nebelung‘s latest release, Palingenesis, is the closest I have felt to those dreams, and that time in my life, in years. One one hand, their aesthetic is deeply rooted in the natural landscape. You can practically smell the loam and petrichor, deep and rich and verdant, coming off their trembling riff structures. Tracks like “Aufgang” uncoil like vines, while other, like “Nachtgewalt,” surge and fall like small rivers over smooth grey stones.

Nebelung, Oktober2013On the other hand, a sense of threat is never far from the surface of Palingenesis. The album, for all its physical, visceral conjuring of the natural world, it is also dangerously close to dream space, as though a monster might shamble out of the woods at any moment. This is perhaps most present in the album’s centrepiece, the vast “Wandlung,” which trembles and aches with profound vulnerability, and also with the potential for sudden, lurching strength.

The vocals are very occasional and subdued, restricted to an occasional sonorous chant or urgent whisper. The human voice always feels like an intrusion, disturbing the natural landscape that the instruments do such a wonderful job evoking. The position of the human voice as other, or alien, is an excellent choice, and increases the sense that we are listening to the heart and lungs of a natural landscape. The place that Nebelung conjure with Palingenesis is one of sublime beauty, and also the kind of place a darkness might shamble out of. That fear, that sense of risk, lends this beautiful album an edge, a bit of sharp fear, and it is all the lovelier for it.

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