Richard Tucker - The Song Cantorial Album Collection (2013)

Richard Tucker - The Song Cantorial Album Collection (2013)

Artist: Richard Tucker
Title: The Song & Cantorial Album Collection
Year Of Release: 2013
Label: Sony
Genre: Jazz
Quality: FLAC (Tracks)/MP3 320 kbps
Total Time: 14 CDs
Total Size: 2,35 Gb/1,22 Gb

Sony Classical celebrates 100 years of Richard Tucker with the release of two limited edition original album releases, an Opera Recital Album Collection of 10 CDs including seven "first time on CD releases" by Sony Classical and a Song and Cantorial Album Collection of 14 CDs, also including seven "first time on CD releases". In the course of his career, which began on 25 January 1945 with Enzo in Ponchielli's La Gioconda and ended on 3 December 1974 with Canio in Pagliacci, American Tenor Richard Tucker appeared in 344 performances at the old Met, 160 in the new house and 230 on tour. The only other tenors to have had longer careers were his predecessor Giovanni Martinelli and, later, Placido Domingo and Luciano Pavarotti. In an affectionate foreword that he contributed to James Drake s biography of the greatest American tenor, Pavarotti asked: "What made Richard Tucker such a phenomenon? First and foremost were his voice and technique. His voice was not only beautiful shimmering, silvery, and very powerful but also incredibly enduring. For thirty years his voice remained youthful and vibrant, and his technique as close to perfect as one can get." The consistency with which he sang over a period of more than three decades is little short of miraculous, a point underscored by the recordings assembled here, which date from 1947 to 1967.
DISC 1: Songs from Sunny Italy
DISC 2: Sorrento
DISC 3: The fabulous voice of Richard Tucker - Richard Tucker sings great songs of love and inspiration
DISC 4: Vienna, City of my dreams - Richard Tucker sings Romantic Favorites
DISC 5: The Art of Bel Canto
DISC 6: The Soul of Italy
DISC 7: What now my love - Richard Tucker Sings Today's Popular Favorites
DISC 8: Cantorial Jewels
DISC 9: Israel Sings / Goldfaden Songs
DISC 10: Welcoming the Sabbath - A Friday Evening Service
DISC 11: Kol Nidre Service
DISC 12: Passover Seder Festival
DISC 13: Hatikvah! Richard Tucker Sings Great Jewish Favorites
DISC 14: First Performance - Lincoln Center Sept 23, 1962
1-1 Torna A Surriento
1-2 Non Ti Scordar Di Me
1-3 Mamma Mia, Che Vo’ Sapè?
1-4 Lolita: Serenata Spagnola
1-5 Dicitencello Vuie!
1-6 Torna, Piccina Mia
1-7 O Sole Mio
1-8 La Danza
2-1 Core ’ngrato
2-2 Canta Pe’ Me
2-3 Torna A Surriento
2-4 Non Ti Scordar Di Me
2-5 Mamma Mia, Che Vo’ Sapè?
2-6 Lolita: Serenata Spagnola
2-7 Tiritomba (Traditional)
2-8 Rondine Al Nido
2--9 Dicitencello Vuie!
2-10 Torna, Piccina Mia!
2-11 O Sole Mio
2-12 La Danza (No. 8 From Les Soirées Musicales)
3-1 The Exodus Song
3-2 I Believe
3-3 Tonight (From West Side Story)
3-4 Climb Ev’ry Mountain
3-5 Love Letters
3-6 Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise
3-7 The Sweetest Sounds
3-8 Shalom (From Milk And Honey)
3-9 Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing
3-10 The Anniversary Waltz
3-11 You’ll Never Walk Alone
3-12 With These Hands
4-1 Vienna, My City Of Dreams
4-2 I Have Been In Love Before
4-3 Medley From Boccaccio
4-4 Roses From Tyrol
4-5 Darling, Trust In Me
4-6 Lovesong Of May
4-7 Yours Is My Heart Alone
4-8 Medley From Der Graf Von Luxemburg
4-9 In Our Secluded Rendezvous
4-10 Love, You Invaded My Senses
4-11 Wonderful World
4-12 Frasquita’s Serenade: My Little Nest
4-13 I Long For Vienna
5-1 Caro Mio Ben
5-2 Già Il Sole Dal Gange
5-3 Pietà, Signore
5-4 Lungi Dal Caro Bene
5-5 O Del Mio Dolce Ardor
5-6 Danza, Danza, Fanciulla
5-7 Vergin, Tutto Amor
5-8 Sebben, Crudele (From La Costanza In Amor Vince L’inganno
5-9 Tu Lo Sai
5-10 Che Fiero Costume
5-11 Nina
6-1 O Paese D’o Sole
6-2 Reginella Campagnola
6-3 I’ Te Vurria Vasa’!
6-4 Tu Ca Nun Chiagne
6-5 La Bella Aurora
6-6 Senza Nisciuno
6-7 Signora Fortuna
6-8 Fenesta Che Lucive
6-9 Occhi Turchini
6-10 L’alba Separa Dalla Luce L’ombra
6-11 Ohie Menechè! (Traditional
6-12 Mamma
7-1 What Kind Of Fool Am I
7-2 Sunrise, Sunset
7-3 What Now My Love
7-4 Somewhere (From West Side Story
7-5 And This Is My Beloved (From Kismet)
7-6 More (Theme From The Film Mondo Cane)
7-7 The Rover
7-8 When You’re Young
7-9 Who Can I Turn To
7-10 Melinda (From On A Clear Day You Can See Forever)
7-11 Never Will I Marry (From Greenwillow)
7-12 Why Did I Choose You (From The Yearling)
8-1 Kiddush
8-2 Havdalah
8-3 Tzadik Adoshem
8-4 Ki K’shimcho
8-5 Yehi Rotzon
8-6 Yiru Eineinu
8-7 Sim Sholom
8-8 L’Eil Boruch
8-9 Koi Omar
8-10 Vehu Rachum
9-1 Tzena, Tzena, Tzena
9-2 Shir Hacheirut
9-3 Shir HaPalmach
9-4 Katsir Baemek
9-5 Sair Eres
9-6 Hatikvah
9-7 Rozhinkes Mit Mandlen
9-8 Shabes, Yomtov Un Rosh Chodesh
9-9 A Pastuch’l
9-10 Faryomert, Farklogt
9-11 Oh Der Brunen, Oh Der…
9-12 Flaker Feieril
10-1 Lechu Neranenoh
10-2 L’cho Dodi
10-3 Borchu
10-4 Ahavas Olom
10-5 Mi Chomocho
10-6 Hashkivein
10-7 V’Shomru
10-8 Eloheinu Velohei
10-9 Kiddush L’Shabos
10-10 Yigdal
10-11 Shabat Shalom
11-1 Kol Nidre
11-2 Ya’aleh
11-3 Koli Sh’ma
11-4 Ki Hine Kachomer
11-5 Elohai
11-6 Sh’ma Koleinu
11-7 Adonoy, Adonoy
11-8 Vaani, S’filosi
11-9 B’rosh Hashono
12-1 Kiddush
12-2 Ma Nishtano
12-3 Dayeinu
12-4 B’chol Dor Vodor
12-5 B’tseis Yisroel Mimitsroyim
12-6 Medley Of Traditional Songs
12-7 Chad Gad’yo
12-8 Hodu Ladoshem
12-9 Pis’chu Li Shaarei Tsedek
12-10 Ribono Shel Olom
12-11 Tal Tein
12-12 Tal Bo
12-13 Adon Olom
13-1 Hatikvah
13-2 Hava Nagila
13-3 Kinereth
13-4 Jerusalem Of Gold
13-5 Tzena, Tzena, Tzena
13-6 Sunrise, Sunset
13-7 The Exodus Song
13-8 Shalom
13-9 The Anniversary Waltz
13-10 The Rover
Serenade To Music From Shakespeare’s The Merchant Of Venice, Act V, Scene 1
14-1 Andantino
14-2 How Sweet The Moonlight Sleeps
14-3 Look How The Floor Of Heaven …
14-4 Come, Ho! And Wake Diana
14-5 I Am Never Merry When I Hear Sweet Music
14-6 Music! Hark
14-7 How Many Things By Season
14-8 Soft Stillness And The Night Become
Symphony No. 8 In E-flat Major “Symphony Of A Thousand” (Part I)
14-9 Veni, Creator Spiritus
14-10 Imple Superna Gratia
14-11 Infirma Nostri Corporis
14-12 Tempo I. (Allegro, Etwas Hastig
14-13 Infirma Nostri Corporis
14-14 Accende Lumen Sensibus
14-15 Qui Paraclitus Diceris
14-16 Gloria Sit Patri Domino

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