Johnny Guitar Watson - Collection (1973-2004)

Johnny Guitar Watson - Collection (1973-2004)

Artist: Johnny 'Guitar' Watson
Title Of Album: Collection
Year Of Release: 1973-2004
Genre: Blues, Funk, Rock, R&B, Soul
Format: MP3
Quality: 192-320 kbps
Total Time: 12:35:36
Total Size: 1,55 GB (+5%rec.)
1973 - Listen (CBR 192)
01-If I Had The Power
02-You've Got A Hard Head
03-Lovin' You
04-It's All About You
05-You're The Sweetest Thing I've Ever Had
06-I Get A Feeling
07-Like I'm Not Your Man
08-You Bring Love
09-You Stole My Heart
1975 - I Don't Want To Be Alone, Stranger (CBR 192)
01-I Don't Want To Be A Lone Ranger
02-Your New Love Is A Player
04-Lonely Man's Prayer
05-You Make My Heart Want To Sing
06-It's Way Too Late
07-Love Is Sweet Misery
08-You Can Stay But The Noise Must Go
09-Strong Vibrations
1975 - The Gangster Is Back (CBR 320)
01-Too Tired
02-Don't Touch Me
03-Hot Little Mama
04-Blues Side
05-I Love To Love You
06-Oh Baby
07-Someone Cares For Me
08-She Moves Me
09-Love Me Baby
10-Gangster Of Love
11-One Room Country Shack
12-Acoustic Instrumental
13-One More Kiss
14-Johnny Guitar
15-Looking Back
16-The Eagle Is Back
1976 - Ain't That A Bitch (remastered 1996)(CBR 320)
01-I Need It (4:44)
02-I Want To Ta-Ta You Baby (5:47)
03-Superman Lover (5:43)
04-Ain't That A Bitch (5:02)
05-Since I Met You Baby (3:29)
06-We're No Exception (4:15)
07-Won't You Forgive Me Baby (5:17)
1977 - A Real Mother For Ya (remastered 2005)(CBR 320)
01-A Real Mother For Ya 5:02
02-Nothing Left To Be Desired 5:44
03-Your Love Is My Love 4:38
04-The Real Deal 4:54
05-Tarzan 4:58
06-I Wanna Thank You 6:07
07-Lover Jones 5:24
08-Kathaline (Bonus Track) 2:04
09-De John's Delight (Bonus Track) 3:08
1977 - Funk Beyond The Call Of Duty (remastered 1996)(CBR 320)
01-Funk Beyond The Call Of Duty (5:15)
02-It's About The Dollar Bill (4:12)
03-Give Me My Love (6:59)
04-It's A Damn Shame (4:58)
05-I'm Gonna Get You Baby (4:04)
06-Barn Door (4:27)
07-Love That Will Not Die (3:48)
1978 - Giant (remastered 1996)(CBR 320)
01-Miss Frisco (Queen Of The Disco) (5:02)
02-Tu Jours Amour (4:44)
03-Gangster Of Love (3:49)
04-Guitar Disco (4:21)
05-Wrapped In Black Mink (5:14)
06-You Can Stay But The Noise Must Go (6:10)
07-Baby Face (She Said Do Do Do Do) (4:48)
1978 - Master Funk (VBR 256)
01-The Institute
02-Master Funk
03-The Funk If I Know
04-Lady Voo Doo
05-De John's Delight
06-Coming Around
07-Virginia's Pretty Funky
1979 - What The Hell Is This (CBR 320)
01-What The Hell Is This
02-In The World
03-Proud Of You
04-Cop & Blow
05-I Don't Want To Be President
06-Mother In Law
07-Strung Out
08-The Funk If I Know
09-Watsonian Institute
1980 - Love Jones (remastered 1996)(CBR 320)
01-Booty Ooty
02-Love Jones
03-Going Up In Smoke
04-Close Encounters
05-Asante Sana
06-Telephone Bill
07-Lone Ranger
08-Jet Plane
09-Children Of The Universe
1981 - The Very Best Of (CBR 320)
01-Gangster Of Love
02-Booty Ooty
03-Ain't That A Bitch
04-Love Jones
05-What The Hell Is This
06-It's About The Dollarbill
07-Ain't Movin'
08-I Need It
09-A Real Mother For Ya
10-Strung Out
1982 - That's What Time It Is (VBR 200)
01-Do The Guitar
02-The Planet Funk
03-You Sexy Thing
04-That's What Time It Is
05-Flip It
06-Go For It
07-At The Wishing Well
08-First Timothy Six
09-I Miss Your Kiss
1984 - Strike On Computers (CBR 320)
01-You Do Me Bad So Good
02-Boogie Down Party Down
03-Scratching '85'
04-Let's Get Together
05-Strike On Computers
06-Byrd Ball Train
07-Statue Of Liberty
08-Please Send Me Someone To Love
1985 - Gonna Hit That Highway 2CD (CBR 320)
01-Hot Little Mama
02-Hot Little Mama 2 (take 1)
03-I Love To Love You
04-I Love To Love You 2 (take 1)
05-I Love To Love You 4 (take 2)
06-Too Tired
07-Too Tired (alt. take)
08-Don't Touch me
09-Don't Touch me (I'm Gonna Hit That Highway (take 1)
01-Those Lonely Lonely Nights (Take 1,2,3,5~10)
02-Hot Little Mama #1 (Take 2~6)
03-Hot Little Mama #2 (Take 2,3,5)
04-Too Tired #3 (Take 1~3)
05-I Love To Love You #4 (Take 3~9)
06-Ruben (Take 1,2,4)
07-Love Me Baby (Take 4~6)
08-She Moves Me (Take 1~4)
1994 - Bow Wow (CBR 320)
01. Johnny G. Is Back (5:15)
02. Bow Wow (4:47)
03. Never To Late (5:35)
04. My Funk (3:39)
05. It Takes 2 (4:59)
06. Time Change (5:00)
07. Doing Wrong Woman (4:43)
08. What's Up With You (4:46)
09. Hook Me Up (4:41)
10. I Don't Think So (5:27)
1995 - The Best Of Johnny Guitar Watson (CBR 256)
01-I Need It
02-Superman Lover
03-Ain't That A Bitch
04-I Want To Ta-Ta You Baby
05-A Real Mother For Ya
06-Funk Beyond The Call Of Duty
07-Lone Ranger
08-Gangster Of Love
09-Love That Will Not Die
11-Booty Ooty
12-Love Jones
13-Telephone Bill
14-What The Hell Is This
2004 - Please Send Me Someone To Love (CBR 192)
01-Please Send Me Someone To Love
02-You Do Me So Bad So Good
03-Slow Hands (Interlude)
04-Let's Stay Together
05-Strike On Computers
06-Gotta Get My Money
07-Statue Of Liberty
08-Scratching 85
09-Boogie Down Party Down
10-Tease Me Blues (Interlude)
11-Byrd Ball Train

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