Johnny Shines - Discography 19 Albums (1966-2004) (MP3)

Johnny Shines - Discography 19 Albums (1966-2004) (MP3)

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Artist: Johnny Shines
Title: Discography
Year Of Release: 1966-2004
Genre: Blues, Chicago Blues
Quality: MP3 320 kbps, 1 album 256 kbps
Total Time: 19 albums
Total Size: 1,92 Gb

Best known as a traveling companion of Robert Johnson, Johnny Shines' own contributions to the blues have often been unfairly shortchanged, simply because Johnson's own legend casts such a long shadow. In his early days, Shines was one of the top slide guitarists in Delta blues, with his own distinctive, energized style; one that may have echoed Johnson's spirit and influence, but was never a mere imitation. Shines eventually made his way north to Chicago, and made the transition to electrified urban blues with ease, helped in part by his robust, impassioned vocals. He was vastly under-recorded during his prime years, even quitting the music business for a time, but was rediscovered in the late '60s and recorded and toured steadily for quite some time. A 1980 stroke robbed him of some of his dexterity on guitar, but his voice remained a powerfully emotive instrument, and he performed up until his death in 1992.
John Ned Shines was born April 26, 1915, in Frayser, TN, and grew up in Memphis from the age of six. Part of a musical family, he learned guitar from his mother, and as a youth he played for tips on the streets of Memphis with several friends, inspired by the likes of Charley Patton, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Lonnie Johnson, and the young Howlin' Wolf. In 1932, he moved to Hughes, AR, to work as a sharecropper, keeping up his musical activities on the side; in 1935, he decided to try and make it as a professional musician. Shines had first met Robert Johnson in Memphis in 1934, and he began accompanying Johnson on his wanderings around the Southern juke-joint circuit, playing wherever they could find gigs; the two made their way as far north as Windsor, Ontario, where they appeared on a radio program. After around three years on the road together -- which made Shines one of Johnson's most intimate associates, along with Johnson's stepson Robert Jr. Lockwood -- the two split up in Arkansas in 1937, and never saw each other again before Johnson's death in 1938.
Johnny Shines
1966 - Johnny Shines - With Big Walter Horton
1967 - Johnny Shines - Masters of Modern Blues
1969 - Johnny Shines - Last Night's Dream
1970 - Johnny Shines - Johnny Shines
1971 - Johnny Shines - Standing At The Crossroads
1972 - Johnny Shines - Takin The Blues Back South
1974 - Johnny Shines - Mr. Cover Shaker
1974 - Johnny Shines - Worried Blues Ain't Bad
1974 - Johnny Shines - Recorded Live 1974 (LP)
1975 - Johnny Shines - Too Wet To Plow
1979 - Johnny Shines - Hey Ba-Ba-Re-Bop!
1991 - Johnny Shines - Traditional Delta Blues
1991 - Johnny Shines - Johnny Shines & Friends (cass)
2001 - Johnny Shines - The Complete J.O.B. Recordings (256 kbps)
2004 - Johnny Shines - Live In Europe 1975
Johnny Shines & Robert Jr. Lockwood
1980 - Robert Jr. Lockwood & Johnny Shines - Hangin' On (LP)
1981 - Robert Jr. Lockwood & Johnny Shines - Mister Blues Is Back To Stay (LP)
1991 - Johnny Shines & Robert Lockwood
Johnny Shines & Snooky Pryor
1991 - Johnny Shines And Snooky Pryor - Back To The Country
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