Leadbelly - The Remaining ARC And Library Of Congress Recordings

Leadbelly - The Remaining ARC And Library Of Congress Recordings

Artist: Leadbelly
Title Of Album: The Remaining ARC And Library Of Congress Recordings
Year Of Release: 1997
Label: Document Records
Genre: Blues
Quality: FLAC (image+.cue)
Bitrate: lossless
Total Time: 05:58:40
Total Size: 726 MB
Volume 1
Library Of Congress Recordings (1934-1935)
01. [124-A-2] Irene
02. [124-B-1] Irene
03. [126-A-1] Julie Ann Johnson
04. [126-A-2] You Cain' Loose-a-me Cholly
05. [126-A-3] Take A Whiff On Me
06. [236-B-3] Mr. Tom Hughes' Town
07. [239-A-3] Julie Ann Johnson
08. [240-A-4] Julie Ann Johnson
09. [242-B-3] Julie Ann Johnson
10. [273-A-1] Boll Weevil
11. [250-B-2] Julie Ann Johnson -1
12. [252-A-1] Dance Calls -2
13. [45-B] Salty Dog
14. [53-B] Thirty Days In The Workhouse
15. [54-A] Ella Speed
ARC Recordings
16. [16686] C. C. Rider
17. [16690] You Can't Lose Me, Charlie
18. [16691-2] New Black Snake Moan
19. [16692] Alberta
20. [16693] Baby, Don't You Love Me No More ?
21. [16695-1] Death Letter Blues, part 1
22. [16696-1] Death Letter Blues, part 2
23. [16697-1] Kansas City Papa
24. [16704] Red River Blues
25. [16807] My Friend Blind Lemon
26. [16808] Mr. Tom Hughes' Town
27. [1681] Matchbox Blues
28. [17182] Bull Cow
Volume 2
01. [54-B] Ella Speed
02. [127-A] Frankie And Albert
03. [127-B] Frankie And Albert
04. [130-B] Got A Gal In Town With Her Mouth Chock Full Of Gold
05. [131-B-1] Mary Don't You Weep
06. [131-B-2] Way Over In The Promised Land
07. [132-A] Death Letter Blues
08. [133-A] Midnight Special
09. [133-B] The Shreveport Jail
10. [135-B] Western Cowboy
11. [136-B] Blind Lemon Blues
12. [137-A] Mr. Tom Hughes' Town
13. [137-B-1] Mr. Tom Hughes' Town
14. [137-B-2] You Cain' Loose-a-me, Cholly
15. [139-A-1] Green Corn
16. [139-A-2] The Maid Freed From The Gallows
17. [139-B] Po' Howard
18. [141-B] Matchbox Blues
19. [142-B-1] Gwine Dig A Hole To Put The Devil In
20. [142-B-2] Old Man Settin' In The Corner Dyin'
21. [47-B] Blues I Got Make A New Born Baby Cry
Volume 3
01. [46-A] Governor O. K. Allen
02. [49-A] Ha-ha This-a-way
03. [49-B] Alabama Bound
04. [50-A] In Dem Long Hot Summer Days
05. [144-A] I'm All Out And Down
06. [144-B] De Kalb Blues
07. [145-A] Ha-ha This-a-way
08. [145-B-1/2/3/4] Dear Old Daddy (interpreting Jimmy Rogers)
09. [146-A] I'm Gonna Hold It In Her While She's Young And Tender
10. [146-B] What's You Goin' Do With Your Long Tall Daddy?
11. [147-A] Dick Licker's Holler
12. [147-B] Billy In The Lowlands / Here Rattler Here
13. [148-A] Frankie And Albert
14. [148-B] Frankie And Albert
15. [149-A] Send Down Your Hand
16. [149-B] Shorty George
17. [150-B-1] Pick A Bale O' Cotton
18. [150-B-2] Elnora
Volume 4
01. [151-B] Send Down Your Hand
02. [152-A] Death Letter Blues
03. [152-B] Death Letter Blues (fragments)
04. [154-A] Dick Licker's Holler
05. [154-B] Whoa Back Buck (2 Parts)
06. [155-A] Billy In The Low Ground
07. [155-B] The Grey Goose
08. [156-B] I'm All Out And Down
09. [157-A] Frankie And Albert
10. [157-B-1] I Walked Her And I Talked Her
11. [993-A-1] Gwine Dig A Hole
12. [993-A-2] Polly-Polly-Wee
13. [993-A-3] Jawbone Walk
14. [994-A] Last Night In The Evening
15. [994-B] Somethin', Somethin' Keeps A-Worrin' Me
16. [995-B-3] All Out And Down
17. [996-A-1] Hello Central
18. [996-A-2] Raccoon Up The 'Simmon Tree
19. [998-A-2] Julie Ann Johnson
20. [2020-A-2] He's Just The Same Today - vo Sarah Garland
21. [2023-A] Rock Of Ages - vo Jim Garland & Sarah Garland
22. [2501-B] Leaving On The Morning Train Blues
Volume 5
01. [2502-A-1] Scottsboro Boys
02. [2502-B-1] Noted Rider Blues
03. [2503-B] John Henry
04. [2504-A] John Henry
05. [2504-B] Eva
06. [4469-A-1] Last Night In The Evening
07. [4471-A-1] Meeting At The Building
08. [4471-A-2] When That Train Comes Along
09. [4471-A-3] The Blood Done Sign My Name
10. [4471-A-4] Witness For My Lord
11. [4471-A-4[a]] Soldier In The Army Of My Lord
12. [4471-A-5] Outshine The Sun
13. [4471-B-2] Way Over In The Promised Land
14. [4471-B-10] Must I Be Carried To The Sky On Flowered Beds Of Ease?
15. [4472-B-3] Bottle Up And Go
16. [4473-A-4] Don't You Love Me No More?
17. [4473-B-2] The Gallows Song
18. [4473-B-4] Ham And Eggs
19. [4473-B-5] Bottle Up And Go (fragment)
20. [6502-A-3] How Long
21. [6502-B-1] T. B. Blues

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