Buck Jones And His Rhythm Riders - Crazy Chicken Boogie Explosive Rockabilly (1999)

Buck Jones And His Rhythm Riders - Crazy Chicken Boogie Explosive Rockabilly (1999)

Artist: Buck Jones And His Rhythm Riders
Title: Crazy Chicken Boogie / Explosive Rockabilly
Year Of Release: 1999
Label: Jungle Records
Genre: Rock'n Roll, Rockabilly
Quality: Flac (image, .cue, log)
Total Time: 72:26
Total Size: 476 Mb (covers)

01. Hey.Mr(Sam)Phillips
02. Pink And Black
03. Two Timin' Lucy
04. Rockin' Daddy
05. Picking My Chicken
06. Let's Go Boppin' Tonight
07. You're The Cause Of It All
08. Crazy Chicken Boogie
09. Ain't She Sweet
10. Real Hot Hen
11. Drinkin' Wine,Spo-Dee-O-Dee
12. Bar-B-Q
13. Rhythm Boogie
14. One Horse Town
15. Rockabilly Fever
16. Johnny Flight Boogie
17. Be Boppin Baby
18. Don't Touch My Money
19. Grazy Little Mama
20. Just Wait Honey
21. Panic In The Henhouse
22. Alabama Wild Cat
23. Let's Roll
24. Don't Cry Lucille
25. All Alone On The Road
26. Brown Eyed Woman
27. Reptile Woman
28. Ramblin'n'gamblin
29. Hey Driver
30. Kentucky Rose
31. Washin Machine Boogie
32. Teddy Live
33. Big Fool
Buck Jones & His Rhythm Riders, established in 1978, ruled the Finnish Rock'n Roll scene in early 80's. The band was voted second most popular band in Finland both '80 and '81. We came out with 2 albums: Crazy Chicken Boogie and Explosive Rockabilly, which sold almost gold. This is quite unusual for a rockabilly band. The Riders toured actively Finland and the rest of Scandinavia. We can, at least partly, be blamed for startin' the rockabilly movement in Finland (together with Teddy & Tigers and later The Slippers). We actually were the first band to use slapp bass and mandolin on stage and recordings.
After a couple years we put the Riders to rest and then I started the Lonestars (later Falcons) which became the internationally most popular Finnish rockabilly band (in those days). We toured Scandinavia, Holland and England and made a record at Ronny Weiser, CA. After that we toured Europe with Ray Campi, Jackie Lee Cochran, Johnny Legend and the rest of the Rollin' Rock crowd of those days. We performed also at a great Rockhouse rockabilly festival in Eindhoven .
Now the original Rhythm Riders are back on track with two new members: Perry Kaasalainen, The Ultimate Boogieman (a fine guitarplayer) and Vehnänen, the alltime best Finnish doghouse slapper, known from many great rockabilly bands. After havin' spent spring and summer of 2000 in the studio, we have released a CD single I'm Gonna Rock Your Brains Out b/w Cheerleader and a new album also titled "I'm Gonna Rock Your Brains Out," released in Finland, September 2000. We hope to get it out in other countries too. The album includes 16 brand new Buck Jones tunes.
Buck Jones and His Rhythm Riders has it's own unique sound (which we call The Ultimate Boogie Sound). We are not a puritanic rockabilly band, but we like to keep it simple. The material is mostly rockabilly and rock'n roll, but also a few cowboy songs with a taste of hillbilly, boogie, zydeco and stuff. We add to the traditional guitarcombo a bit of harmonica, accordion and mandolin. And it sounds just great!

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