Doug Duffey - The Eve of the Nativity (2016)

Doug Duffey - The Eve of the Nativity (2016)

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Artist: Doug Duffey
Title: The Eve of the Nativity
Year Of Release: 2016
Label: Doug Duffey Music
Genre: Modern Classical, Minimalism
Quality: MP3 320 Kbps
Total Time: 00:45:12
Total Size: 114 Mb

1. The Angel Whispers (05:43)
2. And Mary Dreams (06:06)
3. Mary Wakes in Wonder (05:37)
4. Mary Questions the Dream (03:44)
5. Mary Visits Elizabeth (05:25)
6. Mary Daydreams (03:34)
7. Gabriel Appears (04:02)
8. The Spirit Enters (03:47)
9. The Word Fulfilled (07:10)
THE EVE OF THE NATIVITY [1st in a series of 2 albums; the 2nd being "THE DAY OF THE NATIVITY"]
“This album, like many of my works, has been in suspension, awaiting the appropriate time to be born [released]. It was created spontaneously [as are all my improvisational solo piano works] on December 24, 2011 in Switzerland.
I had begun doing ‘stream of consciousness’ solo sessions at home [Louisiana], as therapy, after having suffered much tragedy, much personal loss, that year. I used the sessions as a way to cope with the loss of both my parents, many family members and friends.
I left Louisiana, and came to Switzerland at the invitation of my very very dear and longtime friend, Jacqueline [who is also my European agent of 24 years] to try and “come up”, as she said; thinking a break from my surroundings, and a change of scene, would help me, and It did. I continued my musical therapy, now performing on my beloved old Burger & Jacoby upright piano, which, up until then, I seldom played.
Daily I would wake up, have coffee, then go to the piano and play ‘off the top of my head’ [and record everything] non-stop, all day until either inspiration or energy left me. The Swiss sessions, like the ones before them, were ‘automatic writing’, I wasn’t thinking or planning as I played; I was guided by ‘the spirit’. I never rearrange the songs, i always leave them as they come to me. These sessions continued for months.
2011 was the first Christmas in my life without my mother and father; they’d been with me for all of my 61 years. I was in a depression, in mourning, in suspended animation. Jacqueline invited me to Zurich for a few days, during Christmas, but I chose to stay 'home', in ‘silence’ to create, to meditate, and to concentrate on the true ‘reason for the season’, the birth of Jesus Christ.
On December 24th, I went to the piano, as usual, but instead of no thoughts, found myself letting my mind wander as I played, over events from the time of the Annunciation to the Eve of the Nativity. Gabriel’s appearance to the ever blessed Virgin Mary [Theotokos], her visiting Elizabeth who was carrying John the Baptist, the Holy Spirit entering, the Word fulfilled. I loosely recalled 'the Christmas story'; as if in a dream, with different bits and pieces of it coming and going. None of the song titles here reflect true chronological order; they are listed in the order in which they were ‘given’ to me'. I felt a different kind of calm during and after these recordings; a deeper stillness, an inner peace, a quiet joy." - Doug Duffey

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