The Griswolds - High Times For Low Lives (2016)

The Griswolds - High Times For Low Lives (2016)

Artist: The Griswolds
Title: High Times For Low Lives
Year Of Release: 2016
Label: Wind-up Records
Genre: Electronic, Indie Pop, Indie Rock
Quality: 320 Kbps
Total Time: 45:01 min
Total Size: 106 MB

1. Role Models (03:17)
2. Out of My Head (03:46)
3. Birthday (03:34)
4. Comedown (Interlude) (00:48)
5. YDLM (feat. Lizzo) (03:12)
6. Rufio (03:34)
7. Feels So Right (03:32)
8. James Joint (01:45)
9. Hate That I Don't Hate You (03:37)
10. Lookin' for Love (03:07)
11. Superhero (Interlude) (01:27)
12. Get Into My Heart (03:43)
13. High Times for Low Lives (03:15)
14. I Want It All (06:24)
Australian indie rock quartet the Griswolds make their sophomore statement on the youthful High Times for Low Lives. The collection is a decidedly kitchen-sink affair, peppering trendy tropical flourishes, synth stabs, and a healthy devotion to Michael Jackson into the mix. Feel-good hedonism is the name of the game, as lead Griswold Christopher Whitehall sings about booze and drugs, lack of inhibitions, and bad decisions. The aforementioned King of Pop worship shines throughout much of High Times -- mostly through Whitehall's vocal delivery -- but also sonically, whether it's by copping the ominous opening clang from "Beat It" ("Birthday"), going Off the Wall on "Feels So Right," or jacking the funk from the Jackson 5 on "YDLM." That latter track is one of the standouts on High Times, mainly for its audacity. Like a big bash where Bruno Mars, the Gap Band, Prince, and Kesha all make appearances, "YDLM" is a pure freakout that features American rapper Lizzo on a guest verse. Among the competent-but-generic offerings on High Times, it's a highlight. Huge anthem "Out of My Head" is another peak, a rousing singalong that could fit nicely on a mix with Walk the Moon and Passion Pit. When the Griswolds tone it down, some sincerity manages to seep through the gauze. The relatively restrained title track surprises with its attempt at depth and self-reflection. Elsewhere, "Hate That I Don't Hate You" piles the melodrama atop a laid-back electro-soul jam, while the ominous atmosphere of "I Want It All" excites simply because it's different from the bluster of the rest of High Times. Overall, High Times for Low Lives is a fun romp for those looking for a carefree release, but it's far from nourishing or memorable.

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