Tiger Army - Discography (1999-2016)

Tiger Army - Discography (1999-2016)

Artist: Tiger Army
Title: Discography
Year Of Release: 1999-2016
Label: Hellcat Records, Epitaph, Rise Records
Genre: Psychobilly, Rockabilly
Quality: FLAC (tracks, cue, log)
Total Time: 3:25:05
Total Size: 1.42 GB

Southern Cal punksters Tiger Army have been honing their psychobilly twists since 1995, playing gigs around the Bay Area where Operation Ivy, Rancid, and Green Day made names for themselves. By 1997, Tiger Army dealt with departing bandmates as well as scoring recognition from Rancid's Tim Armstrong. Singer/songwriter and guitarist Nick 13 was the only member left in Tiger Army yet still formed a union with Armstrong's Hellcat Records. Two years later, Nick, AFI drummer Adam Carson, and Quakes bassist Rob Peltier headed into the studio to begin recording Tiger Army's self-titled debut, which was issued in December 1999. By year's end, Geoff Kresge was added to play standup bass. Tiger Army was finally becoming a band, and in 2001, they issued Tiger Army II: Power of Moonlite. Later that year, SoCal local Fred Hell joined on drums and Tiger Army hit the road in support of their sophomore effort as an official rock group. They shared dates with Dropkick Murphys, Reverend Horton Heat, and the Damned, as well as Hellcat's first Punks vs. Psychos tour; a spot on Warped followed into 2002. As the band prepared for the recording of their third album in spring 2003, Hell was shot four times during a botched break-in at a friend's apartment. He survived wounds to the back, chest, and head but was unable to physically play in the studio. Drum tech Mike Fasano temporarily stepped in for him while Hell remained present throughout the studio sessions. He made a triumphant return, as did Tiger Army, in mid-2003 for a short summer tour with Rancid. The psychobilly-powered Tiger Army III: Ghost Tigers Rise followed in June 2004. Kresge left the band after they had finished another Warped tour; he was replaced by former Cosmic Voodoo and Calavera member Jeff Roffredo. Drummer James Meza was added to the lineup before Tiger Army embarked on another tour, this time supporting legends Social Distortion. They spent part of 2005 touring Europe and Australia before coming home and headlining their own tour of the U.S. In 2006, they began recording sessions with veteran producer Jerry Finn and the result, 2007's Music from Regions Beyond, proved to be the most diverse and commercial-sounding album of their career. The band went on to promote the record with a tour spanning almost two years, and marked the return of Kresge to the lineup. The year culminated in Octoberflame, a festival that the group launched in Southern California in 2008. The following year, Nick 13 launched a solo career. He released his debut self-titled solo album in 2011 via Sugar Hill Records, heralding a slight decline of activity in the Tiger Army camp. The ensemble, however, returned in 2016 with their fifth studio release, V.

1999 - Tiger Army FLAC
2001 - II Power Of Moonlite FLAC
2002 - Early Years [EP] FLAC
2004 - III Ghost Tigers Rise FLAC
2007 - Music From Regions Beyond FLAC
2016 - V•••– FLAC

1999 Tiger Army

01. Tiger Army - Prelude: Nightfall
02. Tiger Army - Nocturnal
03. Tiger Army - Fog Surrounds
04. Tiger Army - True Romance
05. Tiger Army - Devil Girl
06. Tiger Army - Never Die
07. Tiger Army - Moonlite Dreams
08. Tiger Army - Trance
09. Tiger Army - Twenty Flight Rock
10. Tiger Army - WereCat
11. Tiger Army - Outlaw Heart
12. Tiger Army - Neobamboom
13. Tiger Army - Last Night

2001 II: Power Of Moonlite

01. Tiger Army - Prelude: Call Of The Ghost Tigers
02. Tiger Army - Towards Destiny
03. Tiger Army - Incorporeal
04. Tiger Army - Power Of Moonlite
05. Tiger Army - When Night Comes Down
06. Tiger Army - Grey Dawn Breaking
07. Tiger Army - Cupid's Victim
08. Tiger Army - Valley Of Dreams
09. Tiger Army - Annabel Lee
10. Tiger Army - In The Orchard
11. Tiger Army - Under Saturn's Shadow
12. Tiger Army - F.T.W.
13. Tiger Army - Remembered Forever

2002 Early Years [EP]

01. Tiger Army - Temptation
02. Tiger Army - Jungle Cat
03. Tiger Army - Twenty Flight Rock
04. Tiger Army - American Nightmare
05. Tiger Army - F.T.W. (Demo Version 1996)
06. Tiger Army - Nocturnal (Demo Version 1997)

2004 III: Ghost Tigers Rise

01. Tiger Army - Prelude: Death of a Tiger
02. Tiger Army - Ghost Tigers Rise
03. Tiger Army - Wander Alone
04. Tiger Army - Santa Carla Twilight
05. Tiger Army - Ghostfire
06. Tiger Army - Rose of the Devil's Garden
07. Tiger Army - Atomic
08. Tiger Army - What Happens?
09. Tiger Army - Through the Darkness
10. Tiger Army - The Long Road
11. Tiger Army - Calling
12. Tiger Army - Swift Silent Deadly
13. Tiger Army - Sea of Fire

2007 Music From Regions Beyond

01. Tiger Army - Prelude- Signal Return
02. Tiger Army - Hotprowl
03. Tiger Army - Afterworld
04. Tiger Army - Forever Fades Away
05. Tiger Army - Ghost Of Memory
06. Tiger Army - Lunatone
07. Tiger Army - Pain
08. Tiger Army - As The Cold Rain Falls
09. Tiger Army - Hechizo De Amor
10. Tiger Army - Spring Forward
11. Tiger Army - Where The Moss Slowly Grows

2016 V•••–

01. Tiger Army - Prelude: Ad Victoriam
02. Tiger Army - Firefall
03. Tiger Army - Prisoner of the Night
04. Tiger Army - I am the Moth
05. Tiger Army - World Without the Moon
06. Tiger Army - Dark and Lonely Night
07. Tiger Army - Knife's Edge
08. Tiger Army - Devil Lurks on the Road
09. Tiger Army - Happier Times
10. Tiger Army - Candy Ghosts
11. Tiger Army - Train to Eternity
12. Tiger Army - When the Tide Comes In
13. Tiger Army - In the Morning Light


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